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Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — October 1921

The interior of St. John’s rectory is to undergo repairs and redecorating, previous to the occupancy of the new rector Rev. Mr. Glaser of Brooklyn.


SALISBURY — The large barn in the rear of Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Warner’s new home has been dismantled and removed.


Samuel Whitbeck is spending a few days in New York City attending the ball games.


The Holley Manufacturing Co. is constructing a new foundation under their power house.


SALISBURY — Miss Carrie White is driving a new Franklin car.


Adv.: Strayed. A black milch cow. Finder please notify Ralph Genito, Lakeville.


60 years ago — October 1961

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Tyburski have purchased the former Broere home and are now Falls Village residents. Mr. Tyburski is the new physical education teacher and coach at Housatonic Valley Regional High School. The family previously lived in Ansonia. There are two children: Edward, age 3, and Michael, age 1.


A bedraggled humming bird, blown in on the skirts of Esther, has been making its home in the Lakeville Journal flower box. It seems to prefer purple petunias as its source of sustenance.


The figure one blanked out on the Number One linotype at one a.m., or thereafter, on Number One page of last week’s Journal which caused some understandable A-1 confusion. In the story on the Northwest Connecticut 1971 meeting to be called on Oct. 19, the one was dropped, making it Oct. 9. In the story on the special service for St. Francis in Cornwall last Tuesday, the Journal stated the ceremony was set for 1 a.m. instead of 11 a.m. On the number of phones which Esther put out of commission, the one was dropped from 128, making it 28 phones out of commission in the area. Since we had reported there were 61 in Lakeville alone, it looked as though we were weak on mathematics, too. Perhaps there were more we haven’t spotted yet. If any date or number looks peculiar, we suggest adding a prefix one.


Mrs. Eugene Novicki of Millerton gave birth to the 500th baby born at the Sharon Hospital during the fiscal year ending Sept. 30 which broke the hospital record for newborns. 


Dr. Robert Fisher delivered a son to 27-year-old Norma Novicki on Sept. 25. The baby weighed six pounds, seven ounces.


Stuart Barratt has assumed a position with the Canaan A&P after having been for many years with the same firm in Millerton. Mr. Barratt makes his home on East Main Street.


25 years ago — October 1996

Parents of seventh-grade students at Kent Center School will meet Thursday to learn all about the school’s new computer program. Each seventh-grader will receive his or her personal computer this coming January. KCS Principal Ed Epstein will share his pride that their school is one of only 20 public elementary schools in the entire country — and the only one in Connecticut — chosen to be part of the program.


FALLS VILLAGE — Officials from the state Department of Environmental Protection said they were powerless to help the young 600-pound male moose that blundered into the power plant canal Wednesday night, cascaded down a 400-foot sluice into the Housatonic River, climbed a rocky bank nearby and hung on for three nights and two days in the presence of hundreds of people willing him to survive. For some, the concept of moose was tricky. “He’s a cross between a cow and a reindeer except that he’s the size of a horse,” one mother told her offspring. Others had less trouble explaining him. “He’s our Falls Village moose,” a man in a red flannel shirt told his boy. An autopsy failed to find a cause of the animal’s death.


SALISBURY — Riga Traders moved Wednesday from Academy Street to its new Main Street location where owner Sue Kirber said she now offers an expanded selection of gift items.


A note from Norma: 60 years ago’s edition has part 1 of 3, a History of Iron Industry in Salisbury beginning in the 1600s, in case anybody is interested.


These items were taken from The Lakeville Journal archives at Salisbury’s Scoville Memorial Library, keeping the original wording intact as space and sense allow. 

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