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Turning Back the Pages

100 years ago — 1922

LIME ROCK — The Acker Ardoe Show is giving very interesting shows each night this week in Mr. Frost’s lot.


Preparations are being made to apply a coat of road oil and sand to the road between Salisbury and Lakeville.


Floyd Hamm has purchased the Jigger Shop of William Stanton and took possession on Tuesday.


Booze and autos do not go well together, and nine out of ten of the accidents that occur may be laid to booze. A man driving a car while under the influence of liquor is a menace not only to himself but to everyone on the road, and the authorities should see to it that the risk is reduced as far as humanly possible. There is more or less argument regarding the booze question, but there can be no argument regarding the danger caused by an auto driver who is seeing double or perhaps not seeing at all on account of booze.


50 years ago — 1972

Recent tests have shown evidence of pollution at the Lakeville Town Grove, according to Dr. Peter H. Gott, Salisbury’s Director of Health. “Several people have talked about the Coney Island atmosphere at the Grove,” Dr. Gott said this week. “It has become terribly crowded, especially on weekdays, with hundreds of people coming there to swim. The situation is not dangerous — the Grove will not be closed,” he said, “but it does indicate that the Grove is being over-utilized. A few years ago only a couple of dozen people could be found at the Grove on weekdays, but now people are coming here from out of town and out of state. There just isn’t time for the water to clear itself,” he said.


Project Ceval of Canaan this week released an engineering study which finds Northeast Utilities’ pump storage plans for Canaan Mountain technically feasible. The report, prepared by Hill and Lind Inc. of Norwell, Mass., stops short of final backing of the Canaan Mountain project. The engineers say that further study of environmental impact and of costs for alternative projects are still needed before that judgement can be made.


Lakeville and Salisbury can expect to see and hear more of the low-flying military airplanes which have alarmed local residents during the last several weeks. The New York Air National Guard says it will continue missions out of the Schenectady County Airport in the months ahead. A communique from Air Guard headquarters states that “these routes will be flown both day and night, as well as on weekends.”


25 years ago — 1997

Four years ago, Terry Dougherty was a 50-year-old suicidal alcoholic about to take his last chance for recovery at a low-cost facility. Last week, he took a major step in a plan to help others by announcing he’ll open a similar, highly accessible addiction treatment center in Canaan. By the fall, Mr. Dougherty plans to reopen the former Parkside Lodge as a non-medical rehabilitation center. He has renamed it Mountainside Lodge.


Jessica Wright, daughter of David and Laura Wright of Lakeville, graduated May 17 from State University of New York at Cobleskill. Ms. Wright earned a bachelor of technology degree in ornamental horticulture.


These items were taken from The Lakeville Journal archives at Salisbury’s Scoville Memorial Library, keeping the original wording intact as possible.

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