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Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal - 9-8-22

Zoning maps changing in Salisbury

On Sept. 19, Town of Salisbury residents will have the opportunity to voice their opinions regarding the latest proposed revisions to the town’s Zoning Maps, at a scheduled Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) public hearing. The proposed new maps can be accessed at the town website, www.salisburyct.us. The Salisbury Economic Development Committee (SEDC) urges all to attend the meeting, and endorses the PZC’s plan for the revisions.

The revisions will encourage more retail, commerce, and live-where-you-work apartment units on or near the main routes through our villages. They rationalize and clarify the classifications for the many parcels that previously were ruled by two or more types of zones, each with their own requirements and restrictions on such matters as setbacks and conservation and land use.

The revisions will also simplify the permitting process and make it more transparent, enabling staff, applicants, commissioners, and the public to all see the same relevant information at the same time. The SEDC commends and thanks the selectmen, the assessor, the town staff, and the PZC for their ongoing efforts to digitize information and otherwise make the zoning process understandable and accessible to the public.

Please attend the Sept. 19 meeting so that your voice can be heard on this subject, so vital to our town’s future.

Ward Belcher, Janet Graaff, Tom Shachtman, Robert Schaufelberger, Katherine Kiefer, Bruce McEver

Salisbury Economic





Return U.S. Rep. Jahana Hayes to D.C.

Why is it critical to select the best candidate for Congress and not to vote just along party lines? The person we elect will be our advocate and voice in Congress. Our U.S. representative will not only vote on all issues before Congress but also have the opportunity to propose and change legislation.  U.S. Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-5) is doing an excellent job for us.

Recently Rep. Hayes hosted roundtables and tours of area farms and included USDA Deputy Secretary Jewel Bronaugh. The Representative has been a major force in creating opportunities for farmers to supply schools with locally produced food. Although I’m not a farmer, I was happy to see this because agriculture is an important part of our local economy and Rep. Hayes’s position as a member of the House Committee on Agriculture makes her an excellent spokeswoman.

In addition, her support and leadership in developing bills and getting them passed makes her an important spokeswoman for me. Things that I value most are: the support of the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes legislation on climate change, reduction in the cost of prescription drugs and healthcare, and energy costs. I also count on her support of a woman’s right to choose and gun safety.

It is critical that we return Representative Hayes to Washington so she can continue her good works.

Carole Dmytryshak


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