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Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal - 9-32-21

Our country needs a new direction

What has happened to our country? The increase in chaos and confusion has escalated our many serious problems: racism, gun violence, voter suppression, coronavirus pandemic and climate change to name several. There is little bipartisan support for these problems, so few solutions in sight. The infrastructure bill is still in flux, immigration problems continue and of course racism, the very rot of our country, is rising steadily. The pandemic has further alienated people because of the fear and suspicion that already existed. The added stress of financial devastation has made our nation angry and divided. COVID-19 lays bare how discrimination drives health disparities among Black and Brown people — indeed, anyone non-white. The increase in hate crimes toward Asian Americans is appalling. They are being spat on, harassed and physically assaulted because some people blame them for the COVID-19 pandemic. As of now, we don’t know where COVID originated. The rumors and innuendos are based in fear and the need to place blame. Remember Donald Trump’s mention of the pandemic as the “China flu” or the “Kung flu”? Because a portion of American people believe this, their reaction toward Asian people is violent.

The murder of George Floyd (one of many) has brought the need for change front and center. More people are aware of the deeply ingrained bigotry that exists in the United States. The disrespect of other people because of their ethnicity belongs to the past. As a nation, we face a decision: Do we continue down this path or confront our past honestly and create a better future? The irony of it all is that America is more diverse and multiracial than ever! Unfortunately, old attitudes and beliefs have been slow to change.

Eighteen states with Republican legislatures have passed restrictive voting laws that erode the Voting Rights Act of 1965. From limiting the number of ballot drop boxes to prohibiting handing out food or water to those waiting in line to cast their vote. Jim Crow has risen its ugly head again and it’s beyond alarming. The right to vote for all Americans should be non-negotiable. Enacting ludicrous laws to bend an election one way is heinous. The 2020 election was fairly won, but as much as I was relieved and grateful Joe Biden became our president, I wouldn’t want it to have happened illegally. Instead of acknowledging his defeat, Donald Trump goaded his base into the attack on our U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. 

There has been a gradual erosion of decency and fairness in our nation’s institution of democracy. Power and authority have become the goals instead of working together to improve humanity. The United States was a beacon of light for other countries, but unless there is change, this will not continue.

Our allies have lost confidence in our country and their lack of respect is obvious. America is in crisis and without cooperation and unity, our democracy will fade and fail.

Gretchen M. Gordon



Thanks to SFS for art show

I want to thank Salisbury Family Services and all its volunteers for the Art Show & Sale they sponsored on Saturday which benefited Salisbury’s artists and artisans. Forty artists participated, showing their work under tents in front of the White Hart. It was a joyful community celebration with the lawn and tents packed with people from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. enjoying the art, camaraderie and beautiful weather. 

As one of the participants, I appreciate all the planning and hard work involved in organizing such a large event. In keeping with their mission of helping people help themselves, Family Services is allowing the artists to keep all the proceeds. I encourage everyone who enjoyed the day to contribute to Salisbury Family Services so that they can continue to bring our community together to help our neighbors in need.

Mary Close Oppenheimer



One view on FV issues

On July 20, David Barger and Mary Palmer orchestrated a Falls Village Democratic Town Committee meeting to nominate incumbent Republican Henry Todd as the Democratic candidate for First Selectman denying Falls Village voters a choice, when there was an outstanding volunteer, Doug Cohn, offering to be the Democratic candidate. These extreme acts of betrayal to the Democrats of Falls Village are a blatant attempt at voter suppression stunning our New England sensibilities.

On Sept. 13, the Falls Village Board of Finance (BOF)determined that in fact the Town of Canaan is liable for the return of the $725,800 CDBG funds after they have been spent if the $8 million project is not completed by the contract date. Henry Todd applied for the grant without required BOF approval. Henry Todd insisted to the residents and voters for two years stating with the authority of his office that River Road Homes was the financial obligation of Falls Village Housing Trust and not the Town, contrary to confirmed information.

What was Todd’s statement when BOF announced that the Town is liable for River Road Homes (RRH)? Silence. No apology, no acknowledgment, no shame.

“Anyone against RRH is against affordable housing.” is the ultimate untruth said by persons who propose RRH affordable housing on an abandoned dump site, with no town water, which floods every spring according to the neighbors. 

Todd insisted for two years that the Town has no liability River Road Homes. The FV Town Democratic Committee now wants Todd to run for First Selectman unopposed.  Of course they do, how else could Todd win on his record of higher taxes, mismanagement and misinformation?

You might wonder why Todd, Barger and Palmer have worked in concert to keep Todd’s higher taxes, mismanagement and misinformation in Town Hall.

Are you ready to clean house in Falls Village? Stay tuned.

Daly Reville

Falls Village


The music of connection

We at The Equus Effect would like to thank our generous sponsors, guests, volunteers and the folks who provided their talent and expertise that allowed our “Music of Connection” event to unfold.  Bettina Drummond and her Lusitano stallion Que Macho, were mesmerizing. Her gallop through the trees was like being on the set of a movie, Tony Fraenkel’s chili and fixins’ were excellent and The Carbon Brothers, George Potts and Gordon Titcomb wrapped us in harmony as we watched this horse-human pair refine our appreciation for the deep connection between horses and the heroes who rode them into battle.

“The Music of Connection” was palpable for those of us who were in the arena with Bettina and Que Macho and the spirit of connection among all who attended was undeniable. Thank you for sharing this incredible evening with us.  We could not help veterans and others who serve and protect us here and around the world with OUR horses if it were not for you.  

We will announce the video recording of the event as soon as it is available — for those who would like to see it — or see it again.  

Jane Strong

The Equus Effect



Thanks for the help with Clothesline art show

What a wonderful day!  The Clothesline Art Show and Sale, sponsored by Salisbury Family Services, was held Sept. 18 on the White Hart lawn.  We wanted to celebrate and honor the Salisbury artists and artisans and to introduce them to the community.

We want to thank all those who helped make this possible; our sponsors for underwriting the event, the White Hart for letting us use their lawn and all their help, Herrington’s donated all the fencing, Belter Builders, Salisbury Winter Sports Association, Salisbury School, and the many volunteers who helped in a myriad of ways.  

Finally, a huge thank you to the hard working event committee who made this day a success.

Thank you, Salisbury, for coming out and celebrating our artists.

Helen Scoville and Kim Fiertz

Co-Presidents Salisbury Family Services




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