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Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal - 9-15-22

P & Z hearing in Salisbury was disappointing

We attended the Sept. 6 special meeting specifically for the Stevenson (Hackett)/130 Taconic Road re-subdivision.

In our opinion, the conduct of the commission was a disappointment. After spending an hour debating the merits of a proposed northern access versus a southern access road to one parcel (both existing gravel roads with minimal impact on the wetlands they cross), the public comment session was given little time or attention.

Many adjacent property owners attended to voice their concern about maintaining one of the most important and beautiful western view corridors of the Taconic range that exemplifies the rural character of  our wonderful Town of Salisbury. After Mr. Bright briefly spoke, the Chairman invited him to read his letter if he “wanted to,” and then the Chairman and other Commission members immediately said that the Stevensons’ had already given up a lot of open space and “property rights” were more important than the view corridor. During the endless road discussion, “property rights” were not mentioned.

The question raised by Mr. Bright as to whether the mandated open space provided included the property owners’ waiver to include a substantial amount of wetlands acreage as part of the open space calculation for the re-subdivision went unanswered. An accurate accounting of the amount of wetlands included in the mandated open space is essential prior to a decision. If the waiver is granted, which we are opposed to, it is entirely reasonable to request a 2.25 acre view corridor be included as an offset to compensate for including wetlands in the mandated open space. If the waiver to include wetlands is not granted, the view corridor should be part of the mandated open space.

It is important to protect all wetlands for future generations; it is equally important to preserve the view corridor for present and future generations of Salisbury residents. Dr. Klemens’ rejection of preserving the view corridor by stating there are no plans to build in it were well responded to by Dr. Schiffer, who said the parcel with the requested view corridor is up for sale with a potential buyer and, if it is not preserved now, there is no obligation for future owners to maintain the view corridor.

The Brights, Mr. Whitridge, Ms. Scoville, Mr. Shearer, the Straubers and other neighbors engaged on this issue and  their concerns were not only ignored by the Chairman but they were not shown the respect due to residents of our community. Salisbury deserves better.

Anita Jorgensen

Donald Blair



Stefanowski is too liberal

I find it hilarious that Bob Stefanowski is trying to out-liberal Gov. Ned Lamont and leave all of us true conservatives out to dry. Bob has come out and said he is pro-choice, he talks about cutting taxes but never about cutting any government spending and let’s not forget his shady business record running a payday loan company that is illegal in Connecticut.

We true conservatives need to ban together and say no to the want-to-be liberal. We need to voter for Aaron Lewis on the Libertarian line and send a message that true conservatives will not sell out to RINOs.

Tim Wells



George Logan not a moderate Republican

The fate of Congresswoman Liz Cheney illustrates that there is no place for moderate Republicans in Congress. The National Republican Party censored her for speaking the truth that the 2020 election was valid, that Biden was President, and that the January 6th attack on the Capitol was a crime against Democracy.

Former  State Senator George Logan running for Congress in the 5th District claims he is a moderate Republican, but there are no longer moderate Republicans in Congress.  The National Republican Party has seen to that.

If the Republicans win a majority in Congress in the mid-term elections, they plan to support a national bill against abortion which would override state laws. The GOP has also stated it wants to end Social Security as we know it.

As reported in the Aug. 17 Republican American, George Logan would have joined congressional Republicans in voting against the Inflation Reduction Act with its much-needed provisions for capping pharmaceutical costs for insulin at $35 and permitting Medicare to negotiate drug prices to lower costs for its members. The Act established a national Green Bank, as we have in Connecticut, for investments in clean energy and pays for it with a tax on large corporations, but all the Republicans in Congress voted against it.

George Logan would not vote as a moderate, he would join the Republican caucus in Congress to support its extreme agenda which does nothing for the environment and reducing the cost of drugs for us in Connecticut’s 5th District.

Liz Piel


Predictions of what may happen on the streets USA

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

— Winston Churchill

The largest U.S. political gathering amassed nationwide, worldwide, was the day following Trump’s inauguration, Jan. 22, 2017.  The Women’s March pulled 500,000 women to Washington after Trump’s inauguration, and 5 to 6 million attended sister marches in 588 cities around the country with another million plus marching in 244 cities across the globe from Thailand to Greece to Hungary. Trump’s largest political gathering was in protest of his election, a man self-described with loose, invasive hands, a violence encouraging-mouth, an intent to thwart women’s rights, gender equity, diversity of any kind.

When I hear Sen. Lindsay Graham threatening “violence in the streets” if Trump is held to account for his misdeeds, illegalities, I do, indeed, worry. Violent individuals and small groups attack citizens in public service, they overwhelm school board elections, public forums, they wield threats and weapons.

However, I then recall that the largest pull of Americans to “street voicing” was to the 2017 Women’s March and again in 2020 to sustain support for Black Lives Matter as millions of Americans across gender, age and race marched in U.S. towns and cities over weeks.  Although Trump’s oxygen is crowd size, he has never been a tip-top draw. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. drew 250,000 in Washington for his “I Have a Dream” speech on the Washington Mall, Aug. 28, 1963. Barack Obama drew 100,000 to a Denver Civic Center campaign rally Oct. 26, 2008. Trump’s largest 2016 campaign rally in Mobile was around 15-30,000, a few others scored 20,000. For 2016, Trump ran 323 rallies pulling in 1.4 million admirers. He turned out less of his base campaigning for 12 months than turned out in a day for the 2017 Women’s March – less by a factor of six.

In 2020, 74 million Americans voted for Trump, 81 million for Biden. In current polls, resoundingly Republicans remain loyal to Trump, support him with his litany of false, legally suspect behaviors. Though doggedly loyal in polling, Trump supporters have not as yet flooded streets over Trumps numerous legal woes and investigations.

The January 6th Capitol insurrection pulled tens of thousands to the National Mall with 2,000 on the Capitol grounds, with 1,000 entering the Capitol building. A startling mass of violence and damage was concentrated at one prominent landmark without any timely National Guard intervention. Now Graham and others predict violence in the streets – widespread terror if Trump is accountable to law and order, justice and the rigors of democracy.

Republican rhetoric in 2022 recurrently warns, bombasts, denies democratic precepts, threatens violence to those in public service and threatens all of us – on our streets. Hopefully this dark, sinister rhetoric is alienating more voters than seducing them. Where are the voices of Republican leaders of character, of soul, of decency?  Where are they?

“When eagles are silent, parrots begin to chatter.”

— Winston Churchill

Kathy Herald-Marlowe    


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