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Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal - 9-1-22

Hayes is in for the long term

It’s 2022, not 1822. Connecticut is no longer a pass-through state on the way to the Wild West. It has a fully functioning, intelligently run state government. We want congresspeople in Washington, D.C., who do not treat their responsibility as a stepping stone to higher office or as a revolving door to corporate wealth.  U.S. Rep. Jahana Hayes has staying power for Connecticut’s 5th District.

Unlike her opponent, Jahana was not plucked from elsewhere by her political party and placed here just to win another seat in Congress. She comes from here, she belongs here and she is here to stay. Even the attention she received as 2016 National Teacher of the Year did not persuade her to move elsewhere.

That is why many of her former students are dedicated to making sure she is re-elected for a third term. While candidate Logan is still looking for a house in our district, Congresswoman Hayes is looking out for our interests in The House of Representatives.

Molly Fitzmaurice



Hayes understands the 5th District

It has been an unusually dry summer here in the Northwest  Corner of Connecticut with little or no rain. Our gardens are parched and the corn isn’t as high as an elephant’s eye.

But that hasn’t stopped Congresswoman Jahana Hayes  (D-5) from doing everything she can to help the small farms combat every challenge that climate change throws their way. On the Livestock and Foreign Agriculture Subcommittee, she has introduced legislation to provide direct economic relief to all farmers.

Unlike her opponent, a re-elected Jahana Hayes won’t need to get up to speed on the issues that most affect us at the local level. This 2016 National Teacher of the Year has already educated her fellow subcommittee members to see the connection between boom and bust cycles in farming and how to make the best nutritional use of our seasonally scarce resources. She understands that small farmers need as much help, if not more, than the big farms. She is creating policies that impact all families, not just farm families.

When I think of the hours we all spend volunteering for our communities, it is gratifying to see Representative Hayes bolstering our efforts at the national level on two issues most sacred to us:  gun violence prevention and women’s health, including the right for all women to decide how best to use their productive years.

Next time you drive past a local farm stand or market, turn around, go back, and invest in the bounty our local farmers grow: those heirloom tomatoes and the best corn in New England.

If you read about a local school needing more mentors, follow Jahana’s example and volunteer.

And when you drive by your local polling place, make a mental note to “Vote Jahana Hayes” on November 8th.

She has done so much for the 5th District that I wouldn’t put it past her to encourage the skies to open and deliver some good soaking rain in 2023.

Carol Magowan



Vote Logan for the 5th

If you, the purchaser of this newspaper, have read “Letters to the Editor” this past month, which I hope you have been able to do, then you should be familiar with the name, “George Logan.”                                                                                                                                         

George, intelligent, dynamic and such an able individual, has served his district well as a state senator. George has a proven record of bi-partisanship, working across the aisle, on issues such as guns and education. He truly works on behalf of his constituents, as his record shows us.

That is leadership.                                                                                                                                     Jahana Hayes, in contrary, has voted 100% with Nancy Pelosi, which means that Jahana’s voting record is based on her party leaders’ decisions.     

I encourage everyone to vote for George Logan on Nov. 8. We need proven leaders in our government, and that is exactly what George Logan is.  You will not be disappointed.                  

Mieke Armstrong



Vote Hayes in the 5th District U.S. House race

Gratitude is what I feel when I realize what Rep. Jahana Hayes is doing for all of us who live in the 5th District. We are extremely fortunate that she votes in Washington for bills that improve our lives in many important ways.

Most recently she successfully advocated getting almost $40 million in grants for trails and other transportation improvements in our district under the Dept. of Transportation’s RAISE legislation. RAISE will also fund upgrades to broadband, roads, trains, and much more here and throughout the state.

If Jahana Hayes was not a Democrat, we could not count on this advocacy. Republicans in Congress, in fact, are almost unanimously opposed to such bills.

Please vote for her in November and return her to Congress.

Laurie Lisle


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