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Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal - 8-26-21

SVAS: some history and lots of gratitude

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the 50th Anniversary celebration to honor past and present members of the Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Squad including my parents and charter members Jack and Ann Lloyd.  I remember all too well the CB radio-type apparatus housed outside their bedroom door and the ensuing alarm when a call came in. It woke the house! My parents, along with others “on-call”, jumped into action no matter the hour. They volunteered their time and service, along with so many others, while taking care of a family of 6 and having full-time jobs. I don’t recall how long they were SVAS members, but I do recall after one tragic, hits-too-close-to-home call where the son of one of their closest friends was killed in an automobile accident, they decided to pass the baton and resign from the squad. It takes its toll. I am beyond proud of their service and their role as charter members of the SVAS.

No doubt the equipment, (no more CB radios!) the training, the types of calls have changed over the years. But one thing remains the same, the dedication and special kind of person it takes to answer the call for help. We are so fortunate to live in an area, where for the past 50 years, we have and continue to know there are a group of selfless neighbors ready to heed the call and jump into action.

Congratulations to past and present SVAS members and here’s to at least another 50! Gratefully.

Donna Lloyd Stoetzner



With much gratitude

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Ron Sontos and the team at the Sharon Emergency Room as well as the attending Sharon EMS workers for helping my wife Ellen in her time of need. Their professionalism and above all, their compassion was truly amazing, such grace under pressure.

Sadly, despite their heroic efforts, Ellen died of an aortic embolism at Vassar Hospital at 6 AM on Saturday, August 21st. However, her spirit lives fiercely on. With gratitude,

Rob Anderson



The Lakeville Town Grove is a gem

Have you been to the Town Grove lately?  If not, you’ve missed out on one of our community’s true treasures.  Particularly after so many disruptions this year, the safe haven it has provided children and families was a most welcome interlude to normalcy, a place where the joys of summertime were on full display.  As summer programs have now wound down and children begin preparing for return to the classroom, I wanted to thank the extraordinary staff for all they do and have done to make the Grove what it is.

The Town of Salisbury owns and funds the wonderful park located on Lake Wononscopomuc, off Ethan Allen Street in Lakeville. Stacey Dodge is Grove Manager, Lisa Macauliffe is the town’s Recreation Director and  runs the summer programs and Robert Strattman, Maintenance,  keeps the Grove facilities, including those in water, the playgrounds and Senior Center,  in excellent shape.  The staff also includes certified lifeguards, teachers and students from the Salisbury Central School youth employment program.  Kim Sherwood, a dedicated volunteer,  plants and maintains beautiful (and some, whimsical!) gardens located throughout.   

Stacey, a person of perpetual goodwill,  good cheer, kindness, patience (but firm), creative, thoughtful and considerate, is captain of the ship and sets the tone for the entire staff.  The Rec programs are wonderfully run and the Grove provides a safe environment where children can experience some independence, learn new skills and have time to play with their friends and just enjoy being kids.  Because they are given structure and are treated with respect, the children respond accordingly and act responsibly.  They follow directions and rules and in the process, they are learning invaluable life lessons. 

Several years ago some kids asked Stacey if they could use the snack bar area to play in.  Instead of just brushing off the request, she took it to heart and created an incredible kidsize “village” out of plywood for them to play in.  This is no ordinary village, but contains those businesses a child might most like to play in, such as an ice cream shop, a pet shop, a snack shop, and of course, a lighthouse! 

Thanks to our Selectmen and others who support the Grove and staff making it a gold star resource for our community.  And, special thanks to Stacey, Lisa, Robert and all the staff for giving our youth wonderful programs, setting admirable role models for the children to follow and providing them with such an extraordinary place to experience their childhood.

On the next hot day, if you are looking for a slice of paradise and a place to cool down, make your way to the Grove.  You’ll be glad you did!

And see below for a photo of the crew and more.

Sarah Morrison



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