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Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal - 7-22-21

Gratitude for help when it was needed

 I had no idea that we’re surrounded by living heroes. I’ve been largely ignorant to the fact that there are dozens of people who live and work right here in our local community who volunteer their time and their highly developed set of skills for the betterment of all of us. 

A few days ago, my daughter was in a car accident. When my wife and I arrived on the scene we saw people we know from everyday life working in carefully orchestrated chaos. They were capable, confident, professional and calming. 

I’d like to thank everyone involved, the fire, ambulance and police who serve. You are all heroes and we are eternally grateful to each and every one of you.

David Maffucci




Oogie, Eliot, Ron and Pat

proclaiming where 

the world is at.

So, here we sit

at On The Run —

One for all

and all for one.

Patricia Moore



A great Troop 35 Boy Scout fundraiser

From Goshen Boy Scout Troop 35: We want to start off by saying thank you! Thank you to the Goshen Ag. Society for letting us use the fair grounds for our annual steak dinner. Thank you to all the businesses that donated unbelievable gifts, I know it was hard after such a bad 2020 year. A BIG thank you to everyone that came out and supported our fund raiser and purchased a dinner.  

The Goshen Boy Scout Troop consists of kids from Cornwall, Lakeville, Goshen and Harwinton.  These fundraisers help us buy new gear for camping and helps offset the cost of our trips, like a weeklong backpacking hike to the top of Mount Washington in August! This year’s steak dinner took a lot of planning because of the COVID restrictions and the new location. Somethings went great and somethings we learned needed improving. Sometimes even the best laid plans go astray. 

However, the weather was fantastic, sunny and warm, a great evening. We received positive feedback on the DJ and music. So, we are planning on having music next year as well. As we write this, most COVID restrictions are lifted, and we hope it stays that way. It will make planning next year’s Steak Dinner easier. Again, Thank You to all that attended! With luck next year, come eat, dance, mingle and enjoy. And please stay to the end, our business donations will be live.

Martha Lane

Cornwall Bridge


In the age of advocacy

It’s terrible to have tragedy bring priorities and needs into focus. I’m learning more about Shakespeare’s comedies versus tragedies, with the latter having characters die often due to lying, cheating, killing unjustly and otherwise going astray. 

 Yet we overlook the crime of poverty, linked to crime, poor health and lack of education leading to an early death for many without insurance as well. We don’t seem to learn from the past since “it’s no one’s job” to explore concerns other than governmental agencies or if a crime was committed. 

Advocacy can be a shared endeavor to address the gaps in coverage, learn from the past and prevent future harm and death. Minors, elders and others in peril should be closely monitored by responsible adults with more support to be accountable in reasonable ways for allowing youth to drive  and live independently.

The age of advocacy has arrived for human, health and climate concerns. Let’s not sit this time out hoping someone else will figure things out and create helpful change. Now is the time to advocate for the ways we want to live together with healing and helping winning the day.

Catherine Palmer Paton

Falls Village


Conditions flattening a democracy

“If the pilots were in charge, Columbus would still be in port. They believed the assertion that the world is flat.” — Robert Crandall, former CEO American Airlines

Assertions under-gird human existence and shape the essence of life.  False assertions over the centuries: the Earth centers the universe, heavy objects fall fastest, germs are a myth, vaccines are killers — all ginned up ridicule to violence for Galileo, Aristotle, Salk, current U.S. public health experts and many others. Today the upper Northwest U.S. is ablaze wiping out forests and homes, unprecedented temperatures, Western Europe is flooded. Yet climate change is denied, smeared, ridiculed — as were 15th century assertions that the Earth was indeed not flat. 

Six months ago, on the day the U.S. Legislature was certifying the 2020 presidential election hundreds broke in for a “peaceful walk” through the halls of the Capitol — “patriots on a stroll”— a continued falsehood asserted by politicians, talk show hosts, joined by other mouths resulting in one-third of Americans doubting the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election. The truths of the election and its turbulent aftermath is denied, unfound assertions are given wide berth via loud mouths. Faith in democracy is flattened with intent. 

Recently a “doctor” addressed the Ohio state Legislature proclaiming that the COVID Vaccine causes her and others to be magnetic — attracting metal — the “key’ demonstration for her assertion failed. The Arizona state GOP-dominated Legislature insisted on a 2020 election audit of one county selecting Cyber Ninjas, a conjured up vendor with methods and processes devised solely by Doug Logan, its inexperienced, uncredentialed owner, for the job. State election administrators, workers and machines in Arizona and a number of other states are denied having run non-fraudulent elections (for Republican and Democratic candidates) without any court viable evidence of fraud. In Arizona two Democratic voters and two GOP voters were found to have cast fraudulent votes for their deceased mothers. Faith in democracy is flattened with intent. 

Pat Cipollone, 45’s White House counsel, and staff told the coup-chasing executive if he did pocket pardons for himself, Rudy and Don Jr., then they would resign en masse giving  public statements as to their reasons for resigning. This staff had been concerned on January 6th that the trio 45 wished to give blanket get-out-of-jail-free cards would be arrested on sedition charges for their remarks inciting the January 6 attack on the Capitol and the targeting of VP Pence. Democracy was intended to be overwhelmed, flattened to non-existence by a man reluctant to admit his loss, to leave the legal protective shell of the presidency.

Leaving the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Ben Franklin, when asked what kind of government we have, responded: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

So Joni Mitchell rings in my ears:

“Don’t it always seem to go

That you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

Kathy Herald-Marlowe


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