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Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal - 3-26-20

The Bells of St. Mary’s Church are ringing!

The Church Bell at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, part of St. Martin of Tours Parish, will ring daily for the Angelus at noon and 6 p.m.    

We invite our local churches to join in whatever manner possible to express this spirit of solidarity for the whole community. It is important to know that this has always been an area that cares about its neighbors; those in Salisbury and those nearby.

Stay healthy; know you are not alone and God Bless!

Elyse Harney



Littering: think about Mother Earth first

I feel grateful to live in such a beautiful area. I work hard for what I have and try to keep my house and yard looking nice ­— I enjoy that.

What I don’t enjoy is picking up trash that people have discarded out of their car window — mostly beer bottles and cans and potato chip bags. I implore those people to think about their neighbors next time they get the urge, but if you don’t care about me, you should at least care about your Mother Earth.

I’m not usually this diplomatic when it comes to people who arbitrarily just do the wrong thing, but I knew the paper wouldn’t print it otherwise and thought it important to get the message out.


Dawn Sherban

West Cornwall

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