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Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal - 1-13-22

Parking is being seriously discussed

On behalf of the Salisbury Planning and Zoning Commission, I am responding to the editorial in last week’s Lakeville Journal implying that the Commission created a problem “now in need of immediate attention” by failing to consider parking in our approval of a restaurant in the old firehouse.  The writer makes comparisons between our parking deliberations at Holley Block and the firehouse, stating that there was only “peripheral discussion [of parking] and no solution defined” in reviewing the restaurant.

However, on page A4 of the same issue of the LJ, Patrick Sullivan reported on the conversion of the firehouse to restaurant use stating that “much of the discussion during the public hearing and commission deliberations centered on parking.”  This was not a “peripheral discussion,” but rather a thoughtful deliberation focused principally on parking that spanned multiple hearings.

The editorial concludes that “now is the time to solve parking in Lakeville.”  Those who have been following the work of the Commission know we have been discussing solutions to this problem at public meetings since early 2021.  We have defined the need for a comprehensive study and action plan to address not only parking, but traffic patterns, as well as pedestrian access (walk-ability) and safety in downtown Lakeville.  It has taken time to identify both funding sources and potential consultants, and to get buy-in from various stakeholders for the expansive scope of this study.

There are many opportunities to creatively increase parking in Lakeville and to address traffic circulation, while simultaneously improving efficiency and safety (including eliminating recurrent damage caused by delivery trucks clipping the historical CNE station).   But as important as vehicular parking and circulation is to the vitality of Lakeville, is the urgent need to address pedestrian access and safety.

Our goal is to have a draft RFP (Request for Proposals) completed and presented to the entire Commission for discussion at our Jan. 18 meeting.  Once the RFP has been approved and finalized it will be sent out to a number of consulting firms that have expertise in these planning issues.

Michael W. Klemens, PhD

Chairman, Salisbury Planning and Zoning Commission



Think of those around you: get the jab

It is often expedient to blame the government for everything that’s wrong at any given moment, with the guy in the White House offering the most convenient target.

Having just visited the U.K., I thought I should share my experience there so that we can better understand what is going on elsewhere.

The Conservative government in the U.K. is considered to be failing miserably.  Citizens are complaining about runaway inflation, restaurants unable to find staff and a lack of truck drivers has resulted in a supply chain breakdown. Heated discussions about vaccines, lockdowns and a crippled healthcare system are topics frequently discussed.  (Apparently, our very own United Healthcare is trying to destroy the NHS and take over healthcare in Britain.) Disastrous for the British.

So whether a Democratic or Conservative government is in charge doesn’t change who the real culprit is.  It’s COVID-19.  It is wreaking havoc everywhere it goes, and that is everywhere.

Please stop pointing fingers at people who are trying to help and are doing what’s necessary to the best of their ability. We will never rid ourselves of this demon virus and its variants until everyone gets vaccinated.

Be a responsible citizen of this world and do your part. Get the jab!

In the meantime, wear your mask and social distance. Wearing a mask is not a difficult task.

Sherie Berk



Appreciation for our local heroes

Huge kudos and a low bow (rhymes with “how”, not “know”) of gratitude to the ladies and gentlemen of the Sharon Volunteer Fire Department.

Once again, they have shown the depth of their commitment to serving our town. On Saturday, Jan. 8, they stood out in 9-degree weather to hand out free COVID at-home tests — AND N95 masks.

They gave the citizens the right to sit in their warm cars and drive through while the volunteers froze their joints walking around making sure everything was well-organized and efficient. At precisely the announced time, they started moving cars through and handing out these vital supplies with smiles and good cheer (while I feel sure their bones were begging them to get inside).

It’s just another example of the outstanding service these local heroes perform for our community. We all owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

Nat Benchley



Some inspiration for a good start to the new year

As we drive home at night, it warms our hearts to see the clear white lights on the majestic evergreen on the lawn of the lovely White Hart Inn. This beautifully lit tree stands as a beacon of light, warmth and hope as we enter 2022.

This year we’ve been reminded of a poem quoted by King George VI in a speech during the dark hours of World War II. May we all walk in peace this New Year remembering these words.

“And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year:

Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.

And he replied:

Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the Hand of God.

That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.”

Newt and Barbara Schoenly



The Empty Chair

The empty chair

To Lee Ann, Pat, Ron and Jim,

Will never seem the same.

For this is where

Elliot would sit

And join in banter game.

Elizabeth, Arthur John,

Oogie and all

Wan in smile to dampened stare

Recall …

As eyes fall

Upon the empty chair.

Patricia Moore



Likes the amount of news, but not the grammar

Congratulations to your staff. The Jan. 6 edition actually contained lots of news. Job well done. One writer did misuse “us” instead of “we” but then good grammar is kind of out of vogue.

Craig E. Toensing

Falls Village

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