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Welcome to the summer interns

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Summer is often (but not always, they are welcome all year) the time when student interns show up on the doorstep of The Lakeville Journal. And every summer, this newspaper has been reenergized by having multiple interns who were passionate in wanting to learn directly about journalism at the local level. But last summer, in the middle of COVID restrictions, it was particularly difficult to offer the usually well-planned internship program that was available to these young people every other year. 

Not only was the necessary distancing and mask-wearing an impediment to easy and open communication, but the places reporters and editors liked to introduce interns to were largely closed to the public. Closed off were town halls and their records, and governmental meetings were offered only online to community members. Cultural events of all kinds that would ordinarily draw many community members were no longer happening and galleries were closed to the general public. Even the Appalachian Trial was officially closed (though not completely unused.) 

The summer of 2020 was of course not a simple one for anyone, but let’s include in that the interns who are usually so welcomed and kept so busy by The Lakeville Journal staff. This makes the summer of 2021 all the more special and inspiring, to have energetic and talented interns back once again, and able to do so much more out in the community. The first two student interns were introduced to our readers on the front page of the newspaper last week, so if you missed their articles, by all means go to our website www.tricornernews.com and read about Anabelle Baum and Sadie Leite. They already have made their mark in presenting the news of summertime to our readers, and will continue to do that in arts coverage in the special Compass arts and entertainment section coming out in August. 

Interns at The Lakeville Journal can use their time and published work to apply for credit at their schools, but are not directly paid for the carefully structured three-week internship they take part in. The hope is to have them take part in writing different kinds of stories and to learn about town government in a way they would not have previously done. Meeting town officials face to face makes the running of any town and its effects on life in Northwest Corner towns much more meaningful and real for these young, people who may not have previously thought about how things are actually done at the local level of governing. 

Whether they go on to careers in journalism, or pursue some other interests, the summer these young people intern at their local newspaper gives them skills they can use in many aspects of their adult lives. They learn not only how to write about many different subjects, but also how to communicate with and present themselves to the general public. They have the chance to see their community through a new prism, and that is something that will help them understand civic life on into the future.

We thank them for being a part of the newspaper’s summertime fabric, and wish them the best as they move on and use the skills they learn as young journalists.

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