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Welcome to a new era for The Lakeville Journal

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This week marks a new beginning for The Lakeville Journal, with one of its longest-term editors in its history stepping back from editing its news pages. (See article, here.) Executive Editor Cynthia Hochswender has edited The Lakeville Journal since 2005 with professionalism, aplomb and style that is visible on every page and in every story. She has continued writing many of the articles that appeared on these pages, and edited those that were written by other reporters and correspondents.

Now, she will act as editor of the Compass arts and entertainment weekly publication, as well as some special sections over the course of the year. For that, the company is grateful and glad.

Hochswender’s influence on the coverage presented to our readers since 2005, and really since 1999 when she came on as a Lakeville Journal reporter, cannot be overestimated. Her enthusiasm and curiosity about the region covered by this newspaper has never waned in all that time, an achievement few could match. Her leadership through tough financial times and the worldwide pandemic, most recently, affected the ability of this publication to survive and now, to thrive. Her tenure brings to mind that of the late editor Ann Hoskins, who took on The Lakeville Journal while she and her husband, Stewart, owned the paper during the 1940s and 1950s. Hochswender leaves The Lakeville Journal strong and vibrant for the next editor. For that, she has the company’s profound gratitude and awe.

The reins are being handed by Hochswender to her colleague since 2018, Debra Aleksinas, as described in this week’s front page article. This transition will be made smoother because Aleksinas understands the coverage and the area, and has unwavering journalistic instincts. Hochswender and the Journal believe strongly Aleksinas is the best person to continue the tradition of responsible and relevant local community journalism for which The Lakeville Journal is known and valued.

Thank you to Cynthia for her monumental contributions to this community publication over so many years. And welcome to Debra with best wishes for success and the hope that she will enjoy her work as much as Hochswender has, and we all do every week.

Keep your attention on Compass to keep track of Cynthia’s latest interests, and follow the news pages to see how Aleksinas and her reporters continue the legacy.

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