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One of the good changes in the area

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Change, while often difficult, can also be cathartic. When it is time for things to change, there is no good reason to deny it. Case in point, the transfer of a nice lot and a building in Lakeville from one longtime town business to another. It has turned out to be better for both businesses and for the real estate usage as well.

In 2017, The Lakeville Journal sold to Salisbury Bank its building at 33 Bissell St. in Lakeville, built under the ownership of the late Editor and Publisher Emeritus Robert Estabrook in the early 1980s. The bank already owned all the other land on this small road, except, of course, that building owned by the wonderful resource for Apple retail and service, Visionary Computer. So it seemed a natural transition for the bank to step in and use more space, as it needed it, and for the local newspaper to downsize, as we no longer needed the then-10,000 sq. foot space that once housed printing presses, a bindery and other large graphic arts equipment, as well as lots more office space than necessary, for publishing in the 21st century.   

When Salisbury Bank President Rick Cantele first considered, along with his support staff, the use of the industrially used building at 33 Bissell St., they all thought the building could be renovated sufficiently to create a functional and pleasant workspace for their people. But once they got into the details of such a renovation, it became clear, Cantele told Senior Reporter Patrick L. Sullivan recently (see story, April 8 front page), that the better and more efficient approach would be to level the building, use the same footprint, but then start anew.

It is understandable. The building had been a hub of often 24/7 activity for decades, and the printing presses ran like clockwork several days a week until the sale of the company’s last press, a Goss Community Web newspaper press, and the newspaper bindery equipment, to a printer in Brooklyn in 2008. It was a little different than general office space. Now, with the brand new building the bank has almost completed, the around 115 employees who will populate it will have very comfortable and clean spaces in which to do business. In that many of them have until now had their offices in the basements of the bank buildings in the area, this will surely be a welcome change for them as well.

The Lakeville Journal wishes all at Salisbury Bank the very best in their new location, with continued success as it can open more and more of the space as COVID restrictions start to quiet down (we can only hope.) This change has resulted in a much better use of the land and building at 33 Bissell St., so a worthwhile one, and one that benefits all who will work there. 

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