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Looking to the next generation for lasting change

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It’s been encouraging to see the peaceful protests in the wake of the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police that have been organized in our Tri-state area, especially in that many have been pulled together by young people. Not that older folk aren’t welcome in combating racism and police brutality. But knowing the next generation of leaders cares about these issues so deeply gives one hope that there could be real change on the horizon in American society. 

It may be a horizon that is not within our grasp yet, receding even as we try to reach it. Yet if we don’t try, we will never get there. Those who believe that young people aren’t capable or impassioned need to rethink their opinions as they now watch them moving to take action across the country to stand up for justice. 

At this newspaper, we see young interns come in every summer. In fact, they are often part of our group by this time each year. This year is, as we all know, different, with COVID-19 robbing us all of any kind of normal routines. But we’ve still had students applying to be interns over the summer, and the editors are looking to find ways to work with them and train them in the skills associated with community  newspapering. Such training gives them the ability to excel in many different spheres of activity, as they learn writing, communication and accuracy in ways few other internships might offer.

These interns have historically been engaged, talented and dedicated, giving proof of the high level of skills the next generation will bring to the table as they grow older. And that many of them bring to the table now, as they work to right the wrongs of police brutality and mass incarceration targeting black Americans. 

We look forward to welcoming this summer’s interns, however different their time with us may be. Every summer we find we learn from them as they learn from us. In that way at least, we have good reason to think this summer will be no different.

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