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Farewell to a longtime friend

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Some of us are lucky enough to find things to engage our interest at every stage of life. Mark Niedhammer, who was classified manager at The Lakeville Journal Company for about two decades, was one of those people. He shared his interests and knowledge with all who came into the Journal buildings, both at 33 Bissell St. in Lakeville and at 64 Route 7 in Falls Village, until his retirement a couple of years ago.

The news of Mark’s death this week sent ripples of sadness throughout the Lakeville Journal group, as we remembered one thing or another he did to form connections among all of us and with the community at large. If it was Halloween season, for instance, he had his ceramic pumpkin out and filled with Oreos or, close to Oct. 31, candy to share with the youngsters who came to visit the office, as well as any adults who weren’t beyond a little childlike fun.

But Mark’s background was as a professional photographer, working as a news cameraman first for WMHT in Schenectady, N.Y. and then for years at ABC News in New York City before he moved up to the Northwest Corner. He was always ready to grab his camera (always of higher quality than The Lakeville Journal could afford), run out and take photos if there was breaking news of any kind. He also took magnificent nature photos he would share with our publications, which he did right up to this year.

Mark loved his family, and cherished the times they could all gather over the years. Often that would be in Schenectady, N.Y., his hometown, where his parents lived until they died. He kept close watch over his father after his mother passed, keeping him active and feeling loved. Mark often quoted the Schenectady Gazette as a news source: it was his hometown newspaper, no matter how long he had lived elsewhere.

For all who remember seeing Mark both at The Lakeville Journal and then in his semi-retirement at the entry booth at the Salisbury-Sharon Transfer Station, please take a moment to remember the super friendly guy who was always looking for ways to help those around him. Please do read the appreciations of Mark in this issue of the Journal. Over the years he worked with this local community newspaper, he encouraged connections and fun at every opportunity. He left a legacy of community building and interconnection that we would all benefit from emulating.

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