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Still here, thanks to all our donor support

The Lakeville Journal Co. Editorial

Since 2019, this newspaper has found its viability not only from advertising and sales of newspapers (on paper and online), but also in the extremely generous donations that have come in from our readers and supporters. So many have given so much, even before The Lakeville Journal Foundation attained nonprofit status, to keep local journalism alive throughout the pandemic and its current reality now.

Please see the donor listing that is published in this edition of your newspaper. Those who support us come from all groups in the region, full and part-time residents, newcomers and people whose families have been here for generations, and people from every economic situation. The range of gift amounts is very wide, and some donors give one-time gifts, some give monthly to make their support last all year round. Either way, and no matter the amount, it all adds up to salvation for this local nonprofit community weekly newspaper group.

Knowing how much our work means to our communities gives all of us the impetus to continue it and seek out others in our communities who wish to take part in it as well. That has been a time consuming project, but one that is so worthwhile. If you have read any articles that particularly caught your attention over recent months, from new or long-time writers, please do let them know how their work affected you.

Also, make suggestions to reporters and editors for any stories you would like to see in The Lakeville Journal, The Millerton News or Compass Arts. Our goal is always to inform our readers of what is happening in their communities, and surrounding towns, that will affect their lives, whether positively or negatively.

We are too well aware that without local journalism, there are many things happening in a region that can go unnoticed or only be observed through a lens of inaccuracy. We will try our absolute best to stay on top of all the local news and delve into it more deeply to help our readers understand their environment as well as possible.

Many, many thanks once again to all who supported these local publications during the current annual appeal campaign, which began October 15 when the donor list timing begins, and through the previous ones. Without you and your engagement and support, The Lakeville Journal, The Millerton News, and all the additional publications we produce (Compass, TriCorner Real Estate, special sections and our online presence) would not be here.

Our unique area is one that makes it clear its residents want coverage of local news in their towns. These publications will continue to maintain that well into the future, with more staffing and reporting, due to your support.

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