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Handing over the torch

The Lakeville Journal Co. Editorial

This is the week that I trade places with our new publisher and CEO, Susan Hassler. If readers saw the donor page last week in this publication, they will be aware that their support for their local newspaper has meant everything to its survival. The general health of the company and the publications is good, much better than it was in 2019, and much better than it was in 1998.

In the 25 years since I started at The Lakeville Journal Company, first as associate publisher, then publisher and editor in chief, there were multiple times that it seemed the publications would not make it through. So it was never a given that this moment would come, when the next management group could take over for a new generation of readers. The fact that the two newspapers are still publishing weekly and finding committed and steady readership is a testament to the skills of our staff in all departments, as well as to the power of solid local journalism.

Each department and each newspaper has dedicated and knowledgeable staff. They will all continue to be the backbone of the company as it moves forward, along with any new staff coming on. We have been fortunate in having great people join our group in a region where a small population can make hiring new people challenging, and keeping employees equally so.

Our readers want us here, they have made that clear, and that says it all. They support us so loyally, and definitely make their voices heard as to what they want to see or not see in our publications. All those at the newspapers will keep listening, and keep these publications at the high quality they are now, always striving for even better quality.

I am confident that this group will do that, but if there are any concerns you have about your local community weekly newspaper, by all means contact your editors or publisher.

Thank you all for being willing to read and support local journalism.

— Janet Manko

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