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Let there be rain, it is now so sorely needed in these hills

I Am Wide Awake

I have been struggling with the dilemma of writing about a subject, which although it is so close to my heart and my sensibilities as a human being, I have found that it is not a subject that is received with the utmost urgency it deserves. After all, as a country we are going through what seems to be the most antagonistic, combative and hateful phase in our modern history. Just a few minutes spent in front of a TV or browsing through the newspaper will make any ordinary person feel shocked and stunned by the alarming and chilling development of current events.

In this unhealthy socio-political environment, not many would pay attention to something that for many would seem an unimportant development. But for me, who for years enjoyed the beauty of the trees, the greenery and breathtaking charm of our roads all around the town of  Lakeville, I am suddenly dumbfounded by witnessing the fact that there is absolutely not even a drop of water flowing through our brooks and rivers, not only in our town but around the entire region. I can almost hear the voices of some who will regard this observation as a waste of time and an unnecessary topic of conversation. I do agree that it does not offer any practical solution to help us against inflation, lower the gas prices and of course, as a news item would definitely fade against more dramatic event such as FBI’s recent searches at Mar-a-Lago.

But for myself, as someone who has been religiously walking all around the town every day and who especially enjoys watching the majestic and lively flow of the Burton Brook, which runs below the bridge on Main Street in Lakeville, I am saddened and alarmed by the complete dryness of the rocks and roots of a small river, which is now completely deserted and lacks vitality. And it has been like this for months now.

Burton Brook, which originates in the mountains to the west, flows through the woods, residential areas and business establishments, until it lushes below the bridge on the Main Street, creating the joyful sound of a small river that echoes through the entire town, filling the souls of the residents with a sense of joy and liveliness. The brook’s long and dreamlike journey provides residents with a sense of being with nature.

Oh, I am trying so hard to not sound like an alarmist who believes that this is the end of the world as we know it and that, if we as a society do not take any meaningful and reasonable action things will get worse. Of course, there are many environmentalists and biologists who have been repeating that same gruesome and alarming message over and over for decades now and we are actually witnessing the harm we have been causing to nature.

We see it. It is happening. It is happening right in front of our eyes. It is happening right here in our dream town called Lakeville. But again, having been normally an optimist, I am trying my best to hope that Mother Nature will be kind to change her temperament and perhaps with the help of the Creator we will hear that loud and authoritative voice whispering, “Let there be rain.”

Meanwhile, I will be walking on the bridge of the Burton Brook and hoping, praying and wishing that within a few weeks or so that jovial, exuberant and heartwarming sound of the outpouring water will echo through the entire town of Lakeville bringing back the sound of nature that I miss so much.


Varoujan Froundjian is a digital artist and writer. He can be reached at: varlink3050@gmail.com.

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