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Who is oiling their blunderbusses?

Sovereign State

I am willing to listen to pro-Trumpers.  Up to a point.  Some suggest, in his defense, that Trump left office willingly; well, that adverb blows everything else out of the swamp. It should be clear that Trump did EVERYTHING he could to leave UNwillingly. Have we forgotten the January 6 rally when he vowed to walk with them so together they could storm the Capitol? And when do we praise someone for giving up what he has already lost?

An injection of comedy: There is a viral video showing him at a children’s birthday party, when he clings to a chair, his “hair” flapping as he is being urged That It Is Time to Go and he is screaming bloody murder and nearly pulling down the room, with children frolicking about. Hilarious to some; heretical to others.

Now a congressman from Florida has jetted off 1500 miles to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to demand that the voters there turn out Liz Cheney for having the temerity to vote for Impeachment, she the third ranking Republican in the House. Which 15 of us taxpayers paid for this trip?

I am guessing that the Quintessential Darth Vader, Liz’s Daddy, 80 the day I write this, will not have another heart attack before he exacts revenge against the Florida apostate.

Some moderate Republicans, all three of them, had hoped that Liz’s boldness would harken a revival for the Grand Guignol Old Party.  Sure don’t look like it from this buzzard’s branch.

Then there is Marjorie Taylor Greene, seen chasing a youngster, a survivor of a mass shooting, saying she has a gun and calling him Hitler, she the Parkland and Sandy Hook shooting-denier and what is her punishment? Suckophant Kevin McCarthy gives her a seat on the House Education Committee! It almost makes this old teacher nostalgic for Betsy DeVos.

And McCarthy’s pilgrimage to Mar-a-Holy Land?  Which 20 of us paid for that?

Well, he wants to be Speaker and needs the blessing of the exiled Pope Innocent the First at Mar Avignon Lago. Heaven help us.

Speaking of things celestial, I am reading that Christian Nationalists, aka White Supremacists, in abundance at the Capitol — “Jesus 2020”, ah, you caught that I’m guessing — on January 6, although declining in numbers nationwide, are becoming more virulent, like yet another COVID strain from Waco or the wilds of Idaho/Michigan or right in the Halls of Congress. Members are skirting the metal detectors so that they might be packin’ heat in their pockets or purses and not have to give up their Second Amendment rights.

Eugene McCarthy, no relation to Kevin, had it best when asked what he thought of the Second.

I am paraphrasing from memory — as long as citizens use the arms that existed when the text about militias was written, blunderbusses and the like, Clean Gene was all for it.

An errant thought pops to mind.  During the Spanish occupation of the Philippines, which lasted only some 400 years, Filipinos, for formal occasions, were required to wear see-through shirts or “barongs/camisas fuera” so that any pistolas would be visible. Talk about Open Carry!

I wonder if Bunter has finished oiling that blunderbuss. Bunter!


Lonnie Carter is a writer who lives in Falls Village. Email him at lonniety@comcast.net.

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