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Professional, dedicated group at Sharon Health Care

Guest Commentary

I am writing in response to Deborah Moore’s letter to fellow Nutmeggers, posted in the April 16th Lakeville Journal.

First of all, as the name implies, Sharon Health Care Is a Covid RECOVERY facility. As an employee, I can say that we are trying as best we can to help patients to a point of health, quality of life and sustainability. We are not a hospice facility, but a rehab facility, and I assure Moore that we are a competent group of health care and medical professionals who do this work because we care. 

I will be the first to say I was dismayed by the thought of only treating COVID-19 patients, and further saddened to see those residents who had lived here, some for years, have to be transported and accommodated to another facility. Many of these patients were our success stories, who had come through hell to overcome their disabilities and/or disease. Some of them had previously contracted COVID-19, and were happily and successfully recovered and brought to a safe place for continuance of good health. By transferring non-COVID patients, we can adequately try to sustain the lives of others without harming the healthy.

In reading Moore’s criticism of Governor Lamont, I will say that I also initially felt like a pawn in this scenario, but if I can not step up to the plate as a trained health professional and help those who really need it, what am I as a health-care worker? I do believe that our governor is trying to save as many people as possible, and this is a strategy that can and has worked. 

I have been devastated by the results this disease can have, including unexpected deaths. This is a cruel disease unlike any we have seen. At the same time, I have been awe-inspired by those who were thought dead, only to get up and walk a week later. 

As for “we all know” about supply of PPE, who is “we”? And with all due respect, I don’t think you actually know that much about the situation. I have not yet run into a problem where I did not have adequate and complete PPE. It is wonderful when people of the community are providing masks and caps, but I wouldn’t want untrained people to “step up” to manage in an area where they are not educated or experienced.

By your suspicions and criticisms, you make our work more difficult, and we do not need any more negativity in an already very challenging and complex situation. I am not a spokesperson for Athena or for Sharon Health Care, but an employee who is trying to do my best in stressful times. I have been a full-time employee at Sharon Health Care for five years as a Physical Therapist assistant. I work to make people stronger through exercise, muscle energy techniques, cardiovascular work, manual therapy and a host of different modalities, including reducing inflammations and encouraging  secretions from the lungs. And that’s just for starters.

Believe me, we are a competent and intelligent group with tremendous compassion for all. How else could we do this work?                                                                                  

Terre Lefferts lives in Salisbury and has worked in movement and therapy for years. 

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