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Pro-Choice Catholics

Sovereign State

I am a Teddy Kennedy/Mario Cuomo pro-choice Catholic.

Who likes abortion? No one. It is grisly and a violation of the woman’s body and the fetus.


Try this on. Going back to the “super saints”, Jerome, Augustine and Aquinas, the Catholic Church, you are reading this right, believed that the fetus was an INVADER, the AGGRESSOR and the woman must be protected in ALL circumstances.

I was visiting with my favorite liquor lady as she was reading the paper with its headline,  ROE OVERTURNED!

I said, Women are going to get abortions no matter what. Liquor lady erupted — Women! What about 14-year-old girls in dark alleys!

If you’ve never been upbraided by your liquor lady, it’s all ahead of you.

Will it take courage for a poor woman/girl to travel from Texas to Connecticut to secure safe reproductive rights? You Bet(o) your Greg Abbott it will.

And what rights will SCOTUS come after next? Anything about privacy? That seems to be fair game. I have two women friends in Pennsylvania who got married a few years back as soon as it was legal in the Keystone State. They are highly accomplished, terrified and courageous nonetheless.

And courage? Can we commend Cassidy Hutchinson for her bravery?

Fave Hutchinson moment? When she cites the ketchup sliding down the wall in the Ovum Office after the Big Whopper threw his whoppers against the wall, having heard Bill Barr’s denial of The Big Lie.

There’s a McDonald’s commercial showing an oversized burger with cheese as a kid bites in and we see the ketchup oozing over and out of the bun.

Part of the copy is “leaving behind a graveyard of napkins.”

Big W doesn’t need anything but the tablecloth as his graveyard.

Just saw that the Whopper says Cassidy is mentally unstable and that Donnie The Idiot Jr called her the coffee girl.

Who’s calling whom unstable? I call Jr., not to disparage idiots, The Idiot because before he was born The Whopper wondered whether to name him Jr. What if he turns out to be an idiot? Seems that’s his Nick around the WH.

I seem to be falling in love every day or so. Liz Cheney. I said this to a male friend and he said, It’s the way she throws back her blonde hair. Then Chelsea Handler, another blonde, said it best — Morality is sexy.

A woman said to me years ago, I could fall in love with a green blob on the sidewalk if it had real intelligence.

I’ve been compared to a green blob more than once. As for the intelligence part, the jury is out.

As is SCOTUS, perhaps. All Hail to Ketanji Brown Jackson! Can she talk some sense to Coney No-Abort Barrett?

Doubtful. But as Thomas Middleton’s Jacobean play has it, and his fearless female, Bianca, Women Beware Women.


Lonnie Carter is a playwright, Obie winner and his signature play is “The Sovereign State of Boogedy Boogedy.”

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