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A celebration of self-expression

Sovereign State

‘Cadillac is more than a statement. It’s a celebration of self-expression.

And a declaration of your independence.”

I’m not fond of quoting William Barr, but that is what the New York Times used to refer to as a “barnyard epithet.”

You did see that Steve Bannon said to Barr, “We’re coming after you, Bro,” for Barr’s temerity to use that barnyard expression.

I’m having a hard time imagining that that expression is ever used in a barnyard.

Reminds me of Ex- Prez’s saying that his Access Hollywood tape was using “locker room talk”.

A number of National Football League players were asked if that is the way they spoke when suiting up, suiting down, and to a player said they were too busy discussing their IRA’s.

The British playwright Doug Lucie says that “advertising is the revenge of business on culture.”

Two pals in Chicago did very well there in the ad world, one retiring at 33 after coming up with Spell Cheese, K-R-A-F-T. ( Miracle Whip, the Bread Spread, less successful). Jonathan Abarbanel then went on to produce my first play there, 49 years ago, so I shan’t be too hard on him.

The second, retiring a bit later, now goes to Africa three times a year and supports all sorts of great causes, including Chicago’s most needy theaters. So I shan’t be hard on Nancy McDaniel either.

The friend of many of us, Clifton Read, of Dark Entry and Cornwall Bridge, was head of Advertising for the Cancer Society during the Mad Men days.

One of my favorite Clif stories — the three martini lunch.

The one that consoled you for the morning’s work.

The one you really enjoyed.

The one that gave you the courage to go back to work.

Clif, who never smoked a cig in his life. Although his wife died of it.

How did these adsters do it?

Cadillac is more than a statement. A celebration of self-expression. And a declaration of Your independence.

Really? Could Clif or my Chicago pals have written that obfuscatory drivel?

Clif who grew up in St. Paul next to Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, a not so distant relative of the composer, F. Scott who wrote jingles to pay the rent. Nothing like the Unsingable Star Spangled Banner, I suspect.

Tender Is The Night, This Side of Paradise and The Great Gatsby, The Original Great American novel, F. Scott who gave us the phrase The Jazz Age. A white dude came up with that? Would we have those books without those jingles?

I am guessing not. That we would have those books, that art. All in all, Bless you, Old Adsters. Old Masters.

Martinis, anyone? Or is lunch over?

Lonnie Carter is a playwright, Obie winner and his signature play is “The Sovereign State of Boogedy Boogedy.”

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