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Sharon Hospital’s dilemma

The complexities of running rural businesses of any kind are legion. With medical facilities like hospitals the problems are only made worse by the need to provide such a wide range of services that it can become next to impossible to choose what is most needed by their patients.

Making sidewalks better in Kent

There are few things in life as enjoyable as watching workers work, especially those who are now out in such great numbers in the region doing new or rehab construction. Thankfully, there are plenty of people, including official inspectors, who are willing to keep close watch on the quality and process of work being done all over.

Recognition of farming and farmers

It can be too easy for even Northwest Corner residents, who are as a group highly aware of their natural surroundings, to take for granted access to a varied supply of produce of all kinds. Farm markets and stands now abound in the region, and supermarkets generally have a good, rotating supply of fruits and vegetables, in and out of season.


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