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SVAS: Thanks for 50 years

What could make a person want to spend many hours of their own time preparing through intensive training to perform a free service to their neighbors, 24/7, that is paid in many other larger communities? W. Rees Harris knew, as did John Harney Sr. and all the other original members of the Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service.

Learning to pivot

If there’s anything the worldwide pandemic has taught us, it’s how to change things at a moment’s notice: the ubiquitous “pivot” is now perhaps more a part of our lives than any other action. This skill is one that the organizers of any events across the region certainly found supremely useful last week.

Welcome to the summer interns

Summer is often (but not always, they are welcome all year) the time when student interns show up on the doorstep of The Lakeville Journal. And every summer, this newspaper has been reenergized by having multiple interns who were passionate in wanting to learn directly about journalism at the local level.


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