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Saving Winsted’s paper

Last week brought the news that the Winsted Citizen, a monthly newspaper with a goal to become a weekly and started by Winsted’s own Ralph Nader, was throwing in the towel. It had produced nine issues starting in February. That was Monday. By Wednesday, it became a rescue story.

Thankful for FOI

This week it’s traditional to consider the things in life for which we’re most grateful. Along with all the more personal items, we should also count the strong Freedom of Information laws in Connecticut as one of them.

Digital news feed

The past week was an eventful one. 

Voters headed to the polls for elections that ended up with some surprise results. We won’t know how it all will work out until our newly elected officials settle down to business with our reelected incumbents.

Food for thought

In the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, almost nine out of ten households had access — at all times — to enough food for an “active, healthy life for all household members.” That was in 2022. But the trend was headed the wrong way when comparing food security in America in 2021.

Hello Autumn

A few weeks ago we were saying goodbye to summer. School had started. Summer vacations had concluded. It was an in-between time to look back at a full season of outdoor events and activities. Now, fall is settling in. We have months of cold weather ahead and the signs are all around. Many birds that migrate south over winter have left.

Your newspaper, your letters

At a recent gathering of readers of the paper, we were asked about letters to the editor. Specifically the questioner wondered whether there was an outer limit to the number printed each week, beyond which we would not be able to publish someone’s letter because there were too many in the hopper. 

Election Season

Fall colors are beginning to arrive in the Northwest Corner and driving through our hills and valleys presents us with a changing vista of oranges, reds, yellow and browns as temperatures drop and daylight hours diminish.


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