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In what is being called a historic event, Rabbi Jon Haddon, left in photo, of Amenia’s Congregation Beth David, was welcomed by the Rev. Douglas Grandgeorge to preach the Oct. 10 service at Smithfield Presbyterian Church. Photo by Leila Hawken

A rabbi and a minister meet at the pulpit

AMENIA — Although it had never been done before in the 279-year history of The Smithfield Church in Amenia, there was no reason not to imagine that in the 21st century it could be done — and even that it should be done.

And so, in part because both buildings (the Smithfield Church and the Congregation Beth David temple) have been designated as landmarks by the New York Landmarks Conservancy, the elders at Smithfield voted to invite Rabbi Jon Haddon to visit their pulpit and preach the sermon on Sunday, Oct. 10.

The experience went so well that Rabbi Haddon has invited the Rev. Douglas Grandgeorge of Smithfield to preach a sermon in return at the Beth David temple in the coming weeks and even join a Bible study component.

Beth David temple first gathered in 1929 to serve Amenia and the neighboring Connecticut region, and they will soon celebrate their first century.

Both look forward to future opportunities to come together, fostered by their mutual belief that the 21st-century worship experience must connect the modern mind and spirit, offering guidance to people who look for answers in today’s polarized world.

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