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The mountain lion is a sculpture but the bear and deer are real, and very curious. Photos by Dan Murray

Curiosity did not kill this cat

KENT — Artist Dan Murray of Kent ought to be very proud of his work. It’s so realistic that other animals have to come right up and sniff his cast bronze animals, to determine if they are the real thing.

On Oct. 30, at about 4 p.m., a large bear came up so close to the mountain lion statue that it really should have offered to buy the lion dinner.

Murray said that he snapped the excellent clear photo of the bear with his iPhone, through his kitchen window. This summer and autumn, his most frequent ursine visitors have been “a mom and three very healthy cubs. Everyone has been well behaved.”

Another visitor last week was a large buck, who also came right up to the mountain lion for a sniff.

There is of course an ongoing and vigorous debate in this part of the state as to whether or not there are any mountain lions here.

“I have seen mountain lions twice in our area of Macedonia, although not recently,” Murray said. “ I’m still waiting for one to investigate my work.”

To see more of Murray’s work, go to www.murraysculpture.com or on Instagram at danmurray112.

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