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Tales of healing and hope

A grief support group is an incredible support for people. Just having the space to be just as you are, without having to cheer anyone up or put on good face so you won’t upset anyone, is such a relief. People are in such a similar space in their lives and that makes an enormous difference.

Bill Pond Photo by Mary Close Oppenheimer

Our Homes, Our Future

On the heels of the greatest health care challenge of our lives, Noble Horizons has had to deal with staffing shortages that were unforeseen three years ago. In many ways, this challenge has rivaled those which were seen during our COVID crisis. If we don’t have enough staff, we cannot meet the needs of those who depend on us for their care.

Katie at attention. Photo by Roxana Robinson

Obedience class

Katie still prefers domination to submission, but I no longer mind her rebelliousness. Her growl is only a gargle, her snap is only excitement. And she is working on loving me. I will never send her back.

Katie, at rest. Photo by Roxana Robinson

Communing with Katie

I’ve always been intrigued by animal communicators. There are lots of things we don’t know about animals, and even if they don’t write novels, they have their own ways of transmitting thoughts and feelings.

They’re smelly, noisy and dangerous. Let’s move away from gas-powered equipment

There’s a bill in the legislature now that contains sections that would be a small but important step to improve public health and to protect a livable climate.  The bill, SBÍ1145, provides money incentives to businesses that sell battery or electric-powered small off-road equipment like lawn mowers and leaf blowers.


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