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How I got into Yale

In late 1965 I was applying to the Yale School of Drama. The Jesuit priest who headed the theater troupe at Marquette University where I was a graduate student was the first priest to get a PhD from Yale. I thought to secure his recommendation. I asked him to read a play I had written. He agreed. We agreed to meet the following Monday at noon.

I will write you soon with some thoughts that seem ever so empty now

That’s my pal Walter “Mac” Davis about the death of Betsy Howie, the mother of our daughter Calpurnia. He is referring directly to “Callie’s Talley”, Betsy’s book detailing with, to the penny, the first year of Callie’s life. What it cost. Some people took offense. How dare Betsy! A mother putting a dollar, no a penny, on a life! All the stuff!

Unwelcome, inevitable

You’ve been there, or you know someone who’s been there. Or you are there right now, or you have an inconsolable friend. The grieving journey is uncomfortable and not fun and it is indisputably part of life. What if we were better equipped to deal with grief before it lands on our front door and comes right in, uninvited?

The Big Truth

Part of what’s been so magnetizing about the January 6th Committee hearings is the source video. You see footage of the crowd getting all riled up at the rally, then marching (some in military formation) upon the Capitol building, and then breaking into the Capitol, almost systematically.

Reflections on 30 years for the Sunday in the Country Food Drive

How time flies! Who would ever have thought in 1992, with two turkeys, which by the way were donated to us, that the food drive would still be here in 2022? It all started in 1992 at WKZE AM 1020 where the late Bob Chatfield AKA Chocolate Cupcake and myself, Nascar Dave, gave two turkeys to families we knew could use them for Thanksgiving.


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