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GreenPoint offers energy-efficient home systems

SHARON — With the price of oil creeping back up, and the economy continuing to tighten, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more ‘green’ — not just to be eco-aware but also to reduce their heating and electric bills.

In response, Churchill Brothers construction company, which opened in Sharon in 2005, has formed a subsidiary: GreenPoint Green Energy.

GreenPoint specializes in renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind and geothermal energy products.

“It is a clearly growing market,†Steven Kalur said. “Our company believes that building is heading in the direction of ‘green’ construction. Going green has been hyped so much, but with rising energy costs, the best way to beat those costs is to generate your own electricity.â€

Kalur said the company works with solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal systems.

With a geothermal system, pipes  are buried underground and either draw heat from the earth to heat a building, or discharge heat from a building to cool it.

Wind turbines are slowly popping up in New England but have to be in an optimal spot to work successfully.

“Wind is not as good a candidate for buildings in the Northwest Corner as solar is,†Kalur said. “Most people don’t realize that solar is a versatile source of energy. We install entire systems, from beginning to end.â€

Solar panels can be installed on top of buildings and can convert energy from the sun into electricity. There are also systems now that transfer the sun’s energy to heat a building’s water supply.

Kalur said the company analyzes a building and the environmental situation surrounding the building before determining what is best when it comes to a renewable energy system. Which means that the company will not sell the customer something they cannot use.

“Consulting and analysis are extremely important, just as much as solid installation of a system,†he said. “It is very important that a building has energy-efficient windows, ceilings and modern insulation before any energy-efficient system is added to a building. We are very upfront about that.â€

For more information, call GreenPoint Clean Energy at 860-364-9852 or 860-364-5152 or visit their Web site at greenpointenergy.com.

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