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Despite signs saying that the Great Falls on the Housatonic River are closed to the public, visitors pushed aside caution signs and went around closed gates. Photo by Patrick L. Sullivan and Alexander Wilburn

Despite dangers and signs, crowds at the falls

AMESVILLE — Last week’s closing of the Great Falls recreation areas had little effect as people simply ignored signs and barriers on Sunday, July 12.

The Housatonic River at the Great Falls is between the Amesville section of Salisbury on one side and the town of Canaan (Falls Village) on the other. 

A young boy was rescued from the Housatonic River on Sunday, July 5, after he was swept away by the fast-moving water. Town officials and the First Light power company now plan to limit access to the water at the Great Falls. Photo by Janet Manko

First Light to limit access to Great Falls

AMESVILLE — The First Light power company announced Monday afternoon, July 6, that it would be closing some recreational access at the Great Falls area of the Housatonic River in Falls Village and the Amesville section of Salisbury.

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