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NORTH CANAAN — With some hesitation, the 1992 Chevy dump truck was coaxed to life. The bidding was opened by First Selectman Doug Humes at $300. Three of about a dozen people who came to the town’s Sept. 24 town-sponsored garage sale jumped into the fray. As with most of the rest of the surplus items, the truck and plow were most attractive to the bidders as the sum of their usable parts. The dump truck went for $800, after bidding that was pretty good for early on a Saturday morning.The 1977 Dodge Army surplus pickup truck, long a fixture at the town garage, in camouflage paint now mixed with rust spots, went for $200.An assortment of other “as is” items, including a generator missing its gas tank, a paint line sprayer that no longer sprays and two nearly vintage gas pumps went for less than $25 each. A sludge pump sold for five bucks.There were no takers for a big 1985 dump truck. It will be sold for scrap. Humes was quite happy to have made $1,085 in 20 minutes. Town crew members were happy for a little more space in the yard.

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