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Former FBI agent schools Pearson students in cyber manners

WINSTED — Former Federal Bureau of Investigations Agent Scott Driscoll lectured Pearson Middle School sixth-grade students on Monday, Sept. 19, about dangers and how to properly behave on the Internet. Driscoll warned students that child predators like to use social media websites, such as Facebook and MySpace, to get information about children. He also warned students about cyberbullying. “Cyberbullying is the same thing as regular bullying,” Driscoll said. “If a sixth-grader starts a Facebook page to humiliate or embarrass someone, I will work with a police department to do everything I can to protect someone. We will press charges no matter how old a person is.”Driscoll cautioned the students not to respond in any way to a cyberbully. “You might have people who might post, ‘Hey take this page down, you are being mean!’ That is exactly the opposite of what you should do, because the more comments you post, the bully sits back and goes, ‘Look at all the attention I am getting.’” Driscoll emphasized that the students should talk to an adult if they are cyberbullied or see someone else being cyberbullied. “As a parent and a police officer, I know you don’t see us as being the coolest people in the world,” Driscoll said. “But in terms of safety, we are the best thing you have got going.”

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