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Foolish fashion choices

I just can’t believe what men are getting away with these days, appearing in public looking like they just rolled out of bed — and it’s not just their hair. Now they walk around with a couple of day’s growth on their faces. I have worked at places where this would have been grounds for dismissal. Men used to have those little adapters in their cars so they could plug in electric shavers to clean up on the drive to work in order to arrive all neat and spiffy. Nowadays your young and upcoming executive could be mistaken for a homeless person. Do they get it cut and styled like this? That seems like a waste of money. Then again, my dad still went for haircuts in his later years when it was a moot point.The thing that scares me is where this all seems to be leading. What’s next? No showering? Going to the office in your pajamas? The scary thing is these are things that women could do, too. So far it is just the men who are being stupid. Society is used to this and periodically the women take corrective action, getting us back on track. I don’t know any men that wear their shoes without socks anymore, a really disturbing phenomenon that surfaced back in the 1970s. Sometimes it is just bad fashion sense that is to blame. Sandals with socks upset a lot of people. For me, it was just sandals, period. They are fine for women and gladiators, but otherwise they creep me out.Another bad choice was the tasseled loafer, very big in the 1980s and early 1990s. It was almost impossible to find a pair that did not have them. These used to be reserved for golf, a sport where men still wore knickers and funny hats. We knew these guys were not quite right and we could be tolerant of their quirks. They also had spikes on their shoes, like they were golfing so fast that they needed them to keep from losing their footing.Speaking of spikes — sort of — when I was in high school, a curious fashion caught on that had the boys stealing the little metal skids off the bottom of school chairs and sticking them on the heels of their shoes so we could click down the halls. It sounded really cool. Of course, the fact that these “taps” were about half an inch thick and threw our ankles out of whack, causing everything from pronation of the foot issues to water on the knee, was not a consideration at that vacant time of life.Oh well. Things change. Time for me to not get ready for work. Bill Abrams resides, and yes, still shaves on a daily basis, in Pine Plains.

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