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A Town Ready to Bloom

Discover The Canaans

Falls Village, also known as The Town of Canaan, is directly adjacent to North Canaan, its name-stealing neighbor. The theft of this name has not defined the small town though as it still has much to offer. I say small because Falls Village has the smallest number of people in the Northwest Corner, but if we’re talking acreage, Falls Village is larger, larger than North Canaan in fact. Just don’t let the small population fool you, Falls Village is a cultural hub here in the NWC that is on the verge of something great — there’s theater, art, furniture, and food, all located in the town center.

If you happen to stroll through Falls Village on July 9th you’ll happen upon hundreds of vintage cars that line the streets. This is a yearly event known as the Falls Village Car and Motorcycle Show, and one of the largest in the area. Cars and car lovers descend on the town to fill the streets from morning till night, it’s truly a spectacle. The fact that so many people would flock to such a little town as Falls Village shows its underlying and untapped potential. There are a few businesses that have tapped into this potential, however. The Falls Village Inn has been a mainstay in the center of town for over a century, granted it has seen some changes through the years. In 2010 it underwent a restoration to become the building where we dine today. Speaking of dining, there’s also the Falls Village Cafe located right in the heart of town. This cafe has almost everything you could want, wraps, burgers, coffee, tea, and even ice cream. They also have a small little pantry for those looking to purchase some fresh goods. With a very modern feeling, the Falls Village Cafe is a rather unique dining experience. Another business that has popped up in the middle of town would be 100 Main owned by decorator Bunny Williams. An art, home, and decor shop that sells goods from local artisans from all around Connecticut, New York State, and Massachusetts.

Furnace on Main is an Art on Paper Archive that is a “destination for viewing contemporary art with a focus on works on paper.” This means that there are a plethora of art pieces that get curated and displayed in the small gallery, but no two months will contain the same pieces as are always new shows being installed.

Another draw is The Center on Main Street. This is an open space that can be used in many ways, the most common is a children’s theater. With shows sporadically throughout the year if your child is a fan of singing or performing, this is the place to get them started on that track from an early age, it’s like little league but for theater.

These are just a few businesses that are sprouting in the town of Falls Village, popping up just a few years before a possible bloom. Falls Village has always been a rather slow and relaxed town, for the longest time the most you would see people on the street would be the cross country team running through town in the fall. There’s a distinct possibility that all will be changing in the next few years if these new businesses are indeed a possible foreshadowing for what is yet to come.

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