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Members of the Falls Village Volunteer Fire Department dropped student-designed egg protectors from varying heights at Lee H. Kellogg School. Photo by Riley Klein

Student designs offer egg-cellent protection

FALLS VILLAGE — Eggs flew from heights a chicken could only dream of at Lee H. Kellogg School on April 25. Students tested their custom-built egg holders and watched as they were dropped from increasing heights by local firemen.

Seven groups of kindergarteners, first graders, and second graders worked together to create protective egg holders using exclusively recycled materials.

“It promoted collaboration within the groups,” said K-2 teacher Jen Calhoun.

The teams first strategized and planned their approach before presenting their designs to the other groups. All designs had to fit within one cubic foot, including parachutes.

The students held a vote on which designs they thought could withstand the greatest impact. Each team handed their egg holders over to Bill Beebe of the Falls Village Volunteer Fire Company to be dropped from the tower ladder. First up was a 25-foot fall onto the grass.

“There will be no scrambled eggs at this moment,” said school librarian Nikki Blass after all seven eggs survived the first drop.

Each team also advanced past the 50-foot drop onto grass before the ladder maxed out at 100 feet for the final falls. Two groups’ eggs cracked under the pressure, but five teams successfully protected their egg from a lofty drop onto the blacktop.

“What is Mr. Olsen feeding those chickens? Something full of calcium I’m sure,” said Principal Stacy Calo. “How exciting. They’ll definitely have a lot of dinner conversation to fill their families with tonight.”

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