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There was a good turnout for the David M. Hunt Library’s 12 x 12 art show Saturday, Dec. 10, with 99 works from 70 artists, all priced at $150. Photo by Patrick L. Sullivan

12 x 12 art show draws big crowd

FALLS VILLAGE — A considerable crowd came to the David M. Hunt Library Saturday night, Dec. 10 for the 11th year of the 12 x 12 art show.

The idea is simple. Recruit a lot of artists and have them submit work that measures 12 inches by 12 inches.

Attach a modest price, $150 this year, to all the work lay in some refreshments, and invite everybody.

There were enough people generating enough heat to warrant opening the window open on the Beebe Hill Road side of the art viewing space.

Garth Kobal said the initial idea for the 12 x 12 show came from Sergei Fedorjaczenko and implemented by a committee. The first year of the show in 2011 was called “Natural World,” which subsequently gave way to “12 x 12.”

The show opened at 4 p.m. and as of 4:50 p.m., some 24 works had been snapped up.

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