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Duplicate bridge at Good Neighbors

SHARON — There were six-and-a-half tables for duplicate bridge at Good Neighbors in Sharon on June 23. We played four boards a round, so North South pairs played 28 boards and East West pairs played 24.  

The average score was 70. The winners: for North South pairs, in first with 88.5 points (63.21 percent) were Terry Pastre and Marguerite McGrath; in second with 83 points (59.29  percent) were Ann Patton and Kate Beatty, and in third with 80.5 points (57.5  percent) were Emily and Billy Saster.

For East West pairs, in first with 88.08 points (62.91 percent) were Kit Kellogg and Lilly Beck; in second with 85.75 points (61.25 percent) were Barbara Griggs and Trish Stimpson, and in third with 70 points (50  percent) were Catherine Brazelton and Reiner Kopp.

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