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Shop or not, get outdoors and breathe in the spring air

CORNWALL — Robert Ensign is urging people to enjoy the outdoors and scenic roads — even without the help of an electric bike purchased at or rented from his shop.

The Covered Bridge Electric Bike shop in West Cornwall was preparing to shut down on Friday, March 20, as part of the state’s decree that non-essential businesses should close. Ensign paused for a conversation in which he offered advice to present and future customers.

A great time to go outdoors is when the thermometer reaches 55 degrees, Ensign said. “It makes for a pleasant outing.”

While an electric bike would make the outing easier, he still urged people to get out on whatever bike they may have, or to even just walk the country roads.

“It’s what everyone needs right now,” he said.

The roads will not be so busy, making the outdoors even more pleasant. Social distancing is easy to do when you’re outside. Even Gov. Ned Lamont is recommending outdoor activity.

“It does change your whole outlook on things,” Ensign said of forays out into the world. He said that as of last week, it was possible to smell the spring growth coming up and to enjoy the silence of nature.

Once the pandemic is under control and he can open his shop again, Ensign will look forward to assisting those who are ready to tackle greater distances and vistas on an electric bike.

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