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The Lakeville Journal Company Community Contributions

Can you imagine a world without your Lakeville Journal or Millerton News?

Dear Reader,

Late in 2019, we came to you, hat in hand, to share with you our story within the world of vanishing local journalism. You generously supported us, to date, in the amount of $164,975 in what was known as the “Community Membership” model and will now be known as the “Community Contributor” model.

• Your generosity made up a deeply appreciated 39% of annual General Expenses from September of 2019.

• We are happy to have qualified for a PPP loan (which we will convert to a ‘grant’, having met the necessary criteria), in the amount of $146,643, contributing 35% of General Expenses during this same period.

• As they experienced their own COVID-19 cash needs, our steadfast advertisers needed to scale back their commitments to us. Our advertising revenue has dropped over 30%.

• Effective October 15, 2020, we have raised the cost of the newspaper to two dollars, the first increase since 2003.

COVID-19 has awakened an awareness of the significance of our papers, as we seek information about our world. Thanks to our Community’s generosity and the unswerving dedication of our fine Team, we were able to remain fully functional through this pandemic. We love our Community partnership. We will continue our work, with your kind respect and support.

The Lakeville Journal Company, LLC

In return for your Community Contribution, we regret that we cannot offer a tax deduction at this time.

To donate by check, please mail to The Lakeville Journal Company, PO Box 1688, Lakeville, CT 06039.

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