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Chris Pouler’s portraits of refugees put a human face on a global crisis. This 10-year-old Syrian girl was killed by a Russian bomb after the photo was taken that Pouler used for the portrait. Image from Chris Poule

Works by Pouler Bring Global Refugee Crisis to Life

A new show of work by painter Chris Pouler of Salisbury, Conn., opens at the Warren Family Gallery at the Berkshire School in Sheffield, Mass., with a reception on Friday, Oct. 29, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The show runs through Dec. 18.

One of the joys of Jeeves is that most of the titles are reissued periodically, so that you can collect multiple versions of your favorites. Photo by Cynthia Hochswender​

Why We Love Wodehouse

Every autumn I reread old favorites from Robert Parker, Rex Stout, Eric Ambler. 

And P.G. Wodehouse.

It’s hard to find a writer with a better grasp of the language than Wodehouse. 

For example:

Hardly anybody walks or comes into a room.

In Wodehouse World, they ankle, or sidle, or charge, or curvet.

Halloween Begins Right Now!

Perhaps it’s because this has been such an outstandingly horrible two years, or maybe it’s because we’re all wearing masks anyway so why not just go Full Halloween Costume?

Whatever the reason, there seems to be a super abundance of Halloween events planned for this year. 

So far, here’s what we know:

Ian Edwards and Travis Powell have opened Tenuta Market in downtown North Canaan. Photo by Cynthia Hochswender

Like a Trip to Sicily, in the Heart of North Canaan

Ian Edwards can spin the most delicious stories, ones that imbue a plain old jar of salt or a package of pasta with romance. It makes sense: When he isn’t here at the farm he bought last summer in North Canaan, Conn., he is at his New York City job working in communications for the fashion industry. 

Although she is best known as a country/folk/blues performer, MacArthur “Genius” Rhiannon Giddens was classically trained. She is host of the “Aria Code” podcast, which makes opera relevant to the modern world. Photo from WNYC​

Music and Life, as One, in ‘Aria Code’

I could fill up a book with the reasons why so much of classical music radio sucks. There, I said it.

Or I could say “Sunrise” from Grieg’s “Peer Gynt Suite” and you’d probably get the idea — especially after the 1,300-and-millionth time you hear it on classical radio.

Sculptor Robert Adzema makes monumental sundials for public spaces — and smaller-scale versions for private gardens, such as this one, Arc of the Sun, made of bronze. Photo by Robert Adzema

Finding Your ‘Home,’ With a Sundial

Last year I journeyed to West Cornwall, Conn., to visit the celebrated ceramic artist Jane Herold at her home and studio. She was a delight and the tour of her studio was wonderful in and of itself — but an added bonus was the chance to meet her husband, the sculptor Robert Adzema.


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