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Crescendo, Da Capo

This weekend Crescendo will present its final concert series of the season with "In Search of The Bridges." In this piece, Crescendo chorus member Matthew Kreta looks back at the origins of the music organization.

Eveready Covid by Onaje Benjamin Photo courtesy the artist

Po-Town Up & Down

Before the Eyewitness News, there is the eyewitness account — if we are observers of our communities, if we keep our heads up while walking our streets, the sociological and economic stories of change and struggle will unfold before us. The human details that reveal these stories at play are waiting to be seen.

Algerian Night Club by Robert Andrew Parker Courtesy of Washington Art Association

A Lust For Life

It is a well-trodden anecdote that Vincent van Gogh, the most popular and cherished artist of the modern age, couldn’t sell his work. Proportionally, Robert Andrew Parker may face a similar problem, but only because there is so much of his work to sell.

Installation of the Vermeer exhibition at The Rijksmuseum. Photo courtesy of Rijksmuseum/Kelly Schenk

The Rarest Milkmaids and Pearls

‘Paris Syndrome” was first coined by a Japanese psychologist in the 1980s to label the particular ennui — or rather, kanashimi — that tourists from The Land of the Rising Sun suffered upon discovering that Paris was not a romantic fantasia but a real-life metropolis spoiled by garbage, pickpockets and noisy crowds.

Courtesy Penguin Random House

Downward Dog

It’s few shows that would open with the murder of a beloved pet — or hitch their narrative to solving the mystery of who skewered the neighborhood pooch with a garden fork like an appetizer — but that's what kicks off “The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time,” opening at The Warner Theatre in Torrington, Conn., on Saturday, April 29.

Photo courtesy Penguin Random House

American Appetite

New York journalist Alex Prud’homme knows a thing or two about food. His great aunt, culinary icon Julia Child, brought French cuisine to the American kitchen, and their co-authored book “My Life in France” helped inspire the film "Julie & Julia" by Nora Ephron.

Kyra & Kevin at The Moviehouse

It’s a premise that could easily be mistaken for sci-fi — on a family-run Rhode Island flower farm, a young man (Kyle Allen, “West Side Story”) announces one morning to his salt-of-the-earth parents (Kevin Bacon and Carrie Preston) that he’s been selected by a technologically-advanced, privately-funded expedition to Mars.


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