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Algerian Night Club by Robert Andrew Parker Courtesy of Washington Art Association

A Lust For Life

It is a well-trodden anecdote that Vincent van Gogh, the most popular and cherished artist of the modern age, couldn’t sell his work. Proportionally, Robert Andrew Parker may face a similar problem, but only because there is so much of his work to sell.

Installation of the Vermeer exhibition at The Rijksmuseum. Photo courtesy of Rijksmuseum/Kelly Schenk

The Rarest Milkmaids and Pearls

‘Paris Syndrome” was first coined by a Japanese psychologist in the 1980s to label the particular ennui — or rather, kanashimi — that tourists from The Land of the Rising Sun suffered upon discovering that Paris was not a romantic fantasia but a real-life metropolis spoiled by garbage, pickpockets and noisy crowds.

Courtesy Penguin Random House

Downward Dog

It’s few shows that would open with the murder of a beloved pet — or hitch their narrative to solving the mystery of who skewered the neighborhood pooch with a garden fork like an appetizer — but that's what kicks off “The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time,” opening at The Warner Theatre in Torrington, Conn., on Saturday, April 29.

Photo courtesy Penguin Random House

American Appetite

New York journalist Alex Prud’homme knows a thing or two about food. His great aunt, culinary icon Julia Child, brought French cuisine to the American kitchen, and their co-authored book “My Life in France” helped inspire the film "Julie & Julia" by Nora Ephron.

Kyra & Kevin at The Moviehouse

It’s a premise that could easily be mistaken for sci-fi — on a family-run Rhode Island flower farm, a young man (Kyle Allen, “West Side Story”) announces one morning to his salt-of-the-earth parents (Kevin Bacon and Carrie Preston) that he’s been selected by a technologically-advanced, privately-funded expedition to Mars.


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