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A Tale To Take Your Mind Off The World’s Woes


Books about stolen fiancés and ruined weddings are always popular because, weirdly, these kinds of situations do come up in real life — even or especially when two sisters are involved.

And so “The Wedding Thief,” a new novel by Mary Simses, immediately creates that tightening in your chest (if you’re a woman, and maybe even if you’re a man) as two sisters are dragged together by an overly dramatic mother who wants them to reconcile before Mariel’s wedding to Sara’s recent ex-lover, Carter: Carter the perfect, Carter the dependable, Carter the wealthy attorney, Carter who seemed like he was going to Be The One for Sara. 

Mariel’s wedding is in two weeks. Sara and Mariel have been tricked into gathering at their mother’s house in the fictional town of Hampstead, Conn. Complications ensue.

The author says she based the locale loosely on the Connecticut towns of Kent and Litchfield, which she visited often as she was growing up in Darien, on the state’s southern shore. 

Tired of feeling anxious about politics and viruses? This book is a perfect antidote, offering an opportunity to worry about a conflict that will only change the lives of the fictional characters and not your own.

Mary Simses will talk about “The Wedding Thief” and her Litchfield County experiences during an online interview sponsored by House of Books in Kent on Thursday, Aug. 6, at 7 p.m. To register, go to the bookstore’s website at www.houseofbooksct.com or www.crowdcast.io/e/marysimses-2/register.

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