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A Salute to the Italians in New Show

James Barron said the response to his “Evite” invitation to a show at his Kent, Conn., gallery featuring work by Italian artists has been unprecedented.

“I cannot remember getting such a big response to an Evite as this,” he said, adding that, “Italy touches so many. It’s really a moving experience.”

Barron and his family lived for many years in Rome, and have continued to travel there (although they are home for now in Kent, of course). Everyone across the world feels a similar sense of love for the Italians, who have been hit so hard by COVID-19 and who have responded in part with many wonderful online videos of singing, making music and generally doing their best to struggle through with style and a smile.

Barron says of the new show at his Kent gallery, “As an homage to Italy and the gallery’s longstanding commitment to Italian art and life, we are presenting an exhibition of Italian artists. We are proud to show our support for a country that is very dear to the gallery. We send our love to our friends and artists in Italy.”

The works in the show include sculpture, photography, painting; the show is up until April 29. To see photos and learn more, email Barron at info@jamesbarronart.com.

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