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At Mountain View Farm, Everything You Need for a Fine Meal


On a pleasant June morning Lara Hafner and Maria Grusauskas entertained a visitor on the porch at Mountain View Farm on Route 7 in Falls Village, Conn.

The visitor was a little startled when Hafner mentioned that she and her husband, Patrick, bought the place in 2013. Had it really been that long? 

The visitor sipped excellent coffee (the “Inspiration” blend from Coffee-Tea-Etc. in Goshen, Conn. — and available at Mountain View Farm) while Hafner explained that the farm tries to sell as many local food products as possible.

“If there’s a cool local product we want to know about it.”

Mountain View Farm works with Husky Meadows Farm in Norfolk, Conn., a CSA (community-supported agriculture) farm that provides vegetables to members, who can pick up their boxes at Mountain View — and whatever else they might need while they’re there: eggs (chicken and duck), meat, milk, cheese …

Or cut flowers. Hafner and Grusauskas carefully moved a table full of flowers in pots, ready to go, out of the farmstand and into the sun.

Inside the small wooden stand there were all sorts of options. Goat cheese, a variety of sausages, duck legs, duck breasts, chicken, wild Alaskan salmon, halibut.

Local honey and maple syrup. Funky drinks. Raw milk.

And bacon, but it sells out quickly. Call ahead, check Mountain View’s Facebook page or sign up for the farm’s newsletter to stay ahead of the bacon supply.

Most of the animals were doing their thing some distance from the house and farmstand, but the visitor did get to see some chicks and ducklings.

Hafner said she had recently taken delivery of some 400 layer hens, and a similar number of meat birds was expected shortly.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the farm animals live in pastures and eat bugs and grass and a bit of organic grain as a supplement. They do not live in cramped little pens and eat grain that’s full of antibiotics.

The farmstand is located at 309 Route 7 North in Falls Village, just north of the junction between Undermountain Road and Route 7 (on the left if you’re heading north). It is open from dawn to dusk and is self-serve.

When Mountain View first opened, there were some problems with theft. The Hafners installed security cameras, which have done the trick.

So next time you need to stock up on supplies, swing by Mountain View Farm and see what’s on offer before heading to the grocery store. 

The website is www.mountainviewfarm.farm and the phone number is 860-491-0040. 

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