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Knitting, And Pearls of Literary Wisdom

Here’s a perfect indoor winter challenge to set for yourself: See who can come up with the most examples of famous books in which characters knit. 

Rule one: Yes, we know that all writers are “knitting a story together” so no, you can’t claim every tale every written and thus win the prize.

Rule two: Spoiler alert here, but there are two examples of literary knitters that are so famous, you’ll need to decide if you want to eliminate them. One of course is the murderous Mme. Defarge in Dickens “A Tale of Two Cities” and the other is that most famous resident of St. Mary Mead, Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. 

The literary knitting challenge is my own invention, but it isn’t original; it was inspired by a competition announced this week by the Hotchkiss Library of Sharon, Conn. Knitters are invited to share images of literature-inspired knitwear for a competition that will end on March 31. 

“Maybe you made a Harry Potter Scarf, a Jane Austen shawl, a Daisy Buchanan hat, a pair of Anna Karenina gloves, a knitted Edward Tulane or Velveteen Rabbit, or designed something original based on a favorite book, poem, or character,” the library invites. “It could be something you wear or something purely decorative. Let your literary imagination run free.”

Although since we’ve already brought up Mme. Defarge I’ll say it might be best not to knit the names of your enemies into a scarf.  

If you decide to participate, post a photo of your handmade knit on Facebook and/or Instagram, and use the hashtag #librarylitknits. 

“Please include your name, what inspired your creation, and the name of your local library,” the library requests.  

Anyone who still isn’t sure how to use a hashtag and anyone who doesn’t have social media accounts can email programs@hotchkisslibrary.org for support. 

Prizes will be awarded for the best entry submitted by an adult and by a child (14 and under). The submission deadline is Wednesday, March 31.

— Cynthia Hochswender

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