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Interior designer Darren Henault has expanded his store in Amenia, N.Y., called Tent, to an additional location nearby that will only sell rugs. Photo by Jonathan Doster

Cutting a Rug with Designer Darren Henault at His New Shop, T2

Interior designer Darren Henault brought a touch of glamour and some excellent home decor options to Amenia, N.Y., when he opened his shop, called Tent, in what had until then been home to a variety of second-hand furnishings and decorative tchotchke shops.

The store has become a retail destination — so much so that Henault is now opening a second Tent store, called T2, around the corner on Route 343 in Amenia.

T2 will be dedicated specifically to the rugs that had been for sale at Tent — and had begun to overwhelm the small space.

“I have a rug obsession, what can I say?” Henault confessed.

But seriously, the designer said, “Our main shop has limited floor space to display rugs.

“When a client comes in wanting a rug, we often don’t have exactly what they’re looking for on hand, and the rest of the collection is warehoused in New York City.

“The addition of T2 will allow clients to browse in person at their leisure rather than choose from a photograph or make an appointment to come into town.”

Most of us of course don’t necessarily know what we like until we see it.

For those who are rug connoisseurs (like Henault), there will be Persian, Sarouk, Arabian, Turkish, Caucasian and Indian rugs in different materials and sizes at T2. If the rugs on display don’t do the trick, Henault has still more in his warehouse (because, as noted, he has an obsession …).

T2 opened May 28 at 3300 Route 343 in Amenia, and will be open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. or by appointment.

The original Tent is at 4950 Route 22 in Amenia.

Call 845-789-1837, email hello@tentnewyork.com or just stop by.

— Cynthia Hochswender

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