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Sosin Plays a Lively Klezmer Score

Donald Sosin is a resident of Salisbury, Conn., and one of the world’s foremost players of scores for silent films.

He will be performing in Bantam, Conn., on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 2 p.m. with famed klezmer violinist Alicia Svigals. They will play the score that they wrote to accompany the turn-of-the-century film “The Man Without a World.”

The film is described as “a moving and comedic melodrama set in a typical shtetl (village) in Poland, where a Yiddish poet falls for the pretty daughter of the local merchant. … It is an unusually artistic silent drama made in the early 1890s and passed off as a supposedly rediscovered ‘lost’ silent film from the 1920s."

Klezmer is the lively, often-improvisational musical style created by Ashkenazi Jews in Eastern and Central Europe.

The duo will also perform their score with the film in Princeton, N.J., the following day, Sept. 29, which is National Silent Movie Day.

Ticket prices range from $8.50 for children to $10.50 for senior citizens and members of the military to $12.50 for adults. Order and learn more at www.bantamcinema.org/movie/the-man-without-a-world.

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