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When Art and Books Collide

Books as Art

The response has been positive and enthusiastic to our  August special Compass Arts and Entertainment section, with profiles of artists in their studios (and a selection of their favorite books). 

And so it seemed appropriate to give credit to the inspiration for that issue: a show now on display at the D.M. Hunt Library in Falls Village, Conn,, called Book Marks. And the inspiration, in turn, for that show is a wonderful book by Barbara Page called “Book Marks.” 

Long before there was a www.goodreads.com website, where we could keep track of every book we’d ever read, people had to rely on memory and handwritten lists to keep track of what they’d read (and whether they’d liked it or not).

Barbara Page is an artist and but also an enthusiastic reader. She kept track of books she’d read and liked on little scraps of paper — until it occurred to her that she could buy a box of library identification cards, which she could embellish and decorate with the names of books she’d read, and with illustrative collages or drawings or ink stamp images or all of the above.

Her collection of hundreds of book catalogue cards has been compiled into a book called “Book Marks: An Artist’s Card Catalogue.” 

Samples of the catalogue cards that make up that book are now on display at the Hunt Library, along with other book-themed works of art (which are for sale), including several pieces by three artists who were featured in our August special Compass Arts and Entertainment issue: KK Kozik of Sharon, Conn., Robert Andrew Parker of Cornwall, Conn., and Peter Steiner, also of Sharon, Conn.

Their work is on display until the end of September, and several pieces are still available for purchase. There is also work by other wonderful area artists (22 in total) including Tilly Strauss, Ken Musselman, Robert Cronin, Erika Crofut, Patty Mullins and more.

And there are copies of Barbara Page’s “Book Marks,” to buy and to browse.

The show and the library are at 63 Main St. in Falls Village  and online at www.huntlibrary.org. The library hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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