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"Black Satin Robe" on display in a show at Argazzi Art in Lakeville, Conn., until mid August. Photo courtesy Argazzi Art

The Look of Love, in Works By Segalman


It might seem counter-intuitive to look at wispy, floaty images of beautiful women, often in country settings and think of them as rebellious, but that in fact is what they are.

Richard Segalman died last year at age 86, said Judith Singelis, owner of Argazzi Art in Lakeville, Conn., which has a show of the painter’s work up until Aug. 14. The show, she said, is “almost a retrospective.”

She described the work of this artist, who had a home and studio in Woodstock, N.Y., as romantic, impressionistic, loose.

“And all figurative,” she said. “He lived and worked during the height of abstract expressionism but he stuck to his guns.”

Segalman loved the female form, but his paintings are primarily of women clad in gauzy, almost spectral or ethereal clothing. They are often seen at an angle, like the Degas paintings of ballerinas. They are respectful and unintrusive. Many of the paintings, Singelis noted, are of women’s backs, almost as if he were there to admire but not confront or engage.

The women he painted seemed to respond to his gentle treatment of them.

“Some of his models continued to work with him for 40 years,” Singelis said.

The gallery owner herself found him delightful.

“You couldn’t help but love him,” she said. “He was smart. Silly. Fun.”

If your life could use some gentle, kind beauty, visit Argazzi Art to see the work of Richard Segalman. The gallery is open Friday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment at 860-435-8222. Learn more at www.argazziart.com.

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