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Janet Andre Block of Salisbury, Conn., donated 400 2-inch by 2-inch canvases with her paintings on them to health care workers at a New York City hospital. Photo by Anne Day​

Little Gifts of Love and Thanks to Frontline Health Care Workers


Many people spent their downtime during the COVID-19 quarantine learning to paint. 

That wasn’t an option for Janet Andre Block, already an accomplished artist whose work is well-known, especially in her hometown of Salisbury, Conn.

The pandemic brought up two impulses that dovetailed. Like many of us, she wanted to find a way to while away the hours; and like many of us, she wanted to help. Somehow. 

So she began to make small paintings, of diverse subjects including her trademark evocations of voluptuous pears. Each canvas she created was 2 inches by 2 inches; and each was given as a gift of thanks to a staff member at the Bellevue/New York University Hospital Emergency Department in New York City. 

“I’ve had a five-plus year connection with the Emergency Department at Bellevue/NYU where I curated an art gallery for the staff and students. All the art was donated and we have created a beautiful, peaceful environment for people who have chosen to take on a critical and tough job on our behalf.  

“When COVID hit,” she said, “I was inspired to add an additional project.”

In all, she painted (and donated) 400 of the small canvases. An amalgam of them all is in the photo above, behind Block. 

Block continues to do work for sale, which can be found at Honeychurch Home in Salisbury, Joie Maison also in Salisbury and, until the end of May, at Sweet William’s coffee shop/bakery, also in Salisbury.

To learn more about the artist, go to www.janetandreblock.com.

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